The Technology Powering iGaming Platforms

The Technology Powering iGaming Platforms

Of all the technological developments that have powered the casino industry over the past decade, live casino technology has been, without doubt, the most important and striking advancement. For many gambling fans, live casinos have become the best alternative to the atmosphere that traditional gambling establishments provide. Today, the best live casinos offer players a more realistic gaming experience and an authentic atmosphere from the comfort of home.

Differences between online casinos and live casinos

In online casinos, players have a large number of games available. From Blackjack, roulette, Poker, and different types of slot games. In this type of game, people go against the house, but it will be against the main computer that decides the results at random. It is necessary for the user to download the program to be able to either on their computer or Smartphone. Or failing that, you must have a flash player. According to multiple opinions, it is more advisable to download the program. Since the flash presentation does not usually have such good graphics or sound.

Live casinos usually have few games available. Only Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and in some cases poker is allowed to play. In this type of game, you will have to bet in front of a real Dealer who is at the moment in a Casino room. It has the particularity that customers can play anywhere in the world with other players as if it were a real Casino. Regarding how to play Live Casino, you basically have to go through the same steps as Online Casino. Only the streaming will be much better since the dealer they are playing with is a real person.

It all depends on the players which style of Casino they are going to use. Both are very good and of great quality. Portals like Bet365 and 888 Casino have taken it upon themselves to improve the experience as best they can.

How does live casino work?

Live casinos offer gambling fans the opportunity to play with a real dealer and bet with other players from all over the world. This gaming experience is made possible by live-streaming technology called Optical Character  Recognition (OCR). This software records all the movements that the dealer makes in the studio, from shuffling to dealing cards to throwing the ball in the roulette wheel, and transmits this data instantly to the players creating an experience similar to real life. In this way, OCR allows detailed information about the game to be communicated in real-time, ensuring that the game process is honest.

Although everything is based on OCR, there are other crucial factors and elements that contribute to the smooth running of a live casino.

  • The Game Control Unit (GCU), attached to each game table, is responsible for encoding the video that is transmitted to the players, guaranteeing a quality experience.
  • Video cameras transmit the gaming session from the studio to the device the player is using, allowing a clear view of the table, the wheel, and everything the dealer uses in a live game.
  • The monitor helps the dealer to direct and keep track of the bets made by the players during the game, whether in roulette or blackjack. Every action in the game is recorded in detail on the monitor and transmitted in an image to the players, ensuring the game is as transparent as possible.

The best live casino software providers

The market for live casinos is growing and becoming more and more popular. There are many manufacturers, all of whom offer a similar product.

A good direct casino gaming experience depends on the quality of the broadcast, the speed and stability of the Internet connections, and the distance between the studios where the dealers and players are located.

Therefore, to ensure enjoyable gaming in casinos around the world, you need to have studios on different continents. A good variety of games is also very important. The best live casino software providers are Evolution Gaming, Netent, Playtech, and Microgaming.

The future of live casinos

Despite the gaming experience that live casinos offer today, we are still seeing the first steps of live gaming technology. Casino game developers are working to implement Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the coming years. In this way, we are not far from a scenario in which players put on virtual reality glasses to enjoy games of chance. The combination of live casino technology, virtual reality, and new gaming concepts is leaving the land-based casino industry behind.

The Technology Powering iGaming Platforms 3

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