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The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Release Date And Know The All Latest Updates – Crossover 99

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The Uncanny Counter concludes this weekend on Netflix, but will the hit Korean dramas return for season two and if so, when could it premiere?

It is always a bit sad when a great show comes to an end, especially if you have been tuning in twice a week for the best part of 2 months.

This weekend, the last two episodes of this Uncanny Counter premiere around the world on Netflix.

But, fans of the K-drama are already desperate to know if The Uncanny Counter will return for season 2 and if so, when?

Will There Be A Season 2 Of The Uncanny Counter?

The Uncanny Counter has not yet been officially renewed for season two, but OCN has confirmed they are planning to make the play into a seasonal series.

the production company wasn’t initially thinking about producing a second season. However, after the success of this series, the team was making inquiries into the schedule of the lead cast concerning the potential for filming more content.

In response to these reports, OCN (the Korean community ) verified they were”in the process of turning the drama into a seasonal show” but “production details and filming schedule haven’t been determined yet.”

Interestingly, some cast members have said they are up for a second season. Lead celebrity Jo Byung Kyu stated that”there are several people demanding season two, so I’d like to work together with the same staff and team from season 1 again.” Yoo Joon Sang added, “I shall work out and look after my body so we can proceed until 5.”

The Uncanny Counter Season 2

The Uncanny Counter season 2 release date

If The Uncanny Counter is renewed for season two, it could be a while before we know what the release date will be for its brand-new set of excellent entries. From the early reports, it might appear the plan is to begin filming in September of 2021 and broadcasting the episodes of The Uncanny Counter season 2 at a certain stage in the first half of 2022, so that is probably a good place for lovers to make their calendars barring any unexpected setbacks.

An official statement of renewal may honestly come any day now, and it will be intriguing to see how everything evolves, particularly when fans can expect to find another run of the exceptional series. Hopefully, the release date for The Uncanny Counter season 2 is not that far off, so audiences won’t have to wait too long to get their fix of demon-slaying greatness, which the series offers an ample amount of in every excursion.

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