Thriving American rapper Lz’s recently dropped single ‘Freestyle Pt.1’ creates a ripple in the industry

Thriving American rapper Lz’s recently dropped single ‘Freestyle Pt.1’ creates a ripple in the industry

Young and talented St. Louis rapper Lz blends different rhythmic and rhyming flavors to create the ultimate hip hop symphony in his newest track, ‘Freestyle Pt.1’.

St. Louis, Missouri May 13, 2021 (  – The genre of Hip hop is the most versatile musical form in the world. It offers the creators full freedom to express their emotions any way they want. Aspiring American hip-hop artist, Lz is moving fast Up the popularity chart with his tremendously energetic rap bangers and their unique cadence. His recently released incredible single, ‘Freestyle Pt.1’, produced by LENZO has kept everyone on the edge of their seats with its unparalleled rhythmic flow and rhyming technique. The complex rhyming incorporated with the groovy backdrop has earned him a place among the elites in the industry. His power-packed rap delivery has enhanced the true spirit of the sublime lyrical wordplay.

Being inspired by the eloquence of the hip hop genre, the gifted St. Louis rapper started rapping and writing his own music at quite a young age. Coming from a rough background, he used rapping as a way of unleashing his thoughts and feelings. He is determined to help others going through difficulties in life with his relatable compositions that exude a sense of comfort and confidence. He exercises musical versatility and explores diverse genres and their rhythmic elements to find his ideal voice.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter is imparting his positive energy into the world with his diverse ranging soundscape. He has songs for almost every mood of his listeners. His latest release, ‘Freestyle Pt.1’ features his extraordinary fast-paced rhyming that goes perfectly with the hard-hitting melody. Lz has hypnotized the audience with the distinct melodic pattern and lyrical wordplay of the track. He has established a powerful presence in the contemporary hip hop scene with his other tracks such as, ‘Shawty Bad’, ‘Ape Shit’, ‘Victory’,Sad Place’, and more. Listen to his amazing collection on SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram for more updates on his upcoming works.

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