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THROWBACK: When BTS went wild on Valentine’s day and left ARMY in a meltdown | Bollywood Life

THROWBACK: When BTS went wild on Valentine's day and left ARMY in a meltdown | Bollywood Life

It’s Valentine’s Week and a lot of people are celebrating this special week of love with their loved ones. Today happens to be propose day in case you are wondering what day in Valentine’s week it is. Tomorrow, it is going to be the chocolate day. If you are a K-pop fan, you’d find a reference to your favorite idols in everything. And guess what, this Valentine’s week reminded us of one time when the BTS had sent social media into a melt-down. The BTS septet has been sharing videos and photos on Valentine’s Day. And we thought why not recollect of the time when the boy band had created a frenzy on Twitter with their wild tweets. Also Read – BTS: Jin’s notes for his EDM infused track Stay from BE Essential Edition will leave you restless

Last to last year, that is, in 2019, on Valentine’s Day, the BTS boys had shared a video from the Grammy’s. The video has been shot by V aka Taehyung and we see everyone joining him from RM, Jin, Jungkoook and he also spins the camera to Jimin who looks a little nervous as they are in the backstage area of the Grammys. The caption for the post is very funny. “This is a gift video like Valentine’s Chocolate,” it read. Have a dekko at the video with the BTS boys here: Also Read – BTS Throwback: When Suga’s absence from Ariana Grande’s group picture having RM, Jimin, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Jin created a frenzy

Now, let’s have a look at the 2014 version of Valentine’s Day. It was a wild Valentine’s that would have surely sent BTS ARMY into a meltdown. The boys, it seems, are a fan of Hershey’s chocolates. Each of them had posed with chocolates and had uploaded a wild caption along with it. It was not the first time that BTS had gone wild with their tweets. What with their dubsmashes, hilarious song covers and more, BTS has sent ARMY into a frenzy countless times. Let’s have a dekko at the 2014 Valentine’s Day celebration of BTS. Also Read – Week that was Hollywood: BTS’ Jimin’s selfies, Rihanna’s fake photo, Christopher Plummer’s demise, Mia Khalifa shutting trolls

In 2014, BTS’s Boy With Luv had been released. They had parodied a line from their song and the results were quite wild. The line which is ‘doegopa neoui oppa’ translates to ‘I want to be your oppa’ and the BTS boys had shared pictures with chocolates and shared their version of their lyrics. Jimin captioned the post with the original lyrics. Have a dekko at his post here:

Suga, on the other hand, wrote, “I want to be your brownie,” He is seen blushing like a baby in the picture. Have a look here:

RM shared a picture in which he is seen offering the chocolate to his ARMY and wrote, “I want to be your evil.” The blonde hairdo looks fantastic on RM.

Jungkook, being the youngest wrote, “I want to be your man” And we are sure loads of girls would have gone crazy. He is seen offering a box of cake to the fans.

V aka Taehyung is seen holding a heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher box and has a devilish expression on his face that rightly suits his caption. “I want to be your devil,” he wrote.

J-Hope being the cutest wrote, “I want to be your baby.” He is seen crouched down with the Ferrero Rocher box.

Jin was seen biting the Hershey’s chocolate bar. He wrote, “I want to be your chocolate pig.”

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