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Tiffany Moon Defends “Rude” Party Time Limit as Kameron Reacts, Plus Tiffany Thinks RHOD Costars ‘Act Like Kids’

Dr. Tiffany Moon Denies "Talking Down" To RHOD Co-Stars, Says It

Dr. Tiffany Moon Denies "Talking Down" To RHOD Co-Stars, Says It's Her Job To "Correct And Teach," Plus She Defends Party Time Limit

Dr. Tiffany Moon denies “talking down” to her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars, but says they act like children, and she also explains why it wasn’t “rude” to end her party at a set time.

Tiffany typically likes to tweet along with the episodes, and as she hosted a pizza party for the ladies on the February 9 episode, she obviously took to Twitter again to set the record straight.

Her co-star Kameron Westcott has called the newcomer “bossy” on several occasions and she claims that Tiffany talks down to her. It is true that Tiffany does seem to have a lot of “rules,” which was obvious as she welcomed the ladies into her home and listed a number of guidelines she expected everyone to follow while there. Nevertheless, Tiffany has an explanation for why Kameron and the other ladies might feel that way, which of course, she shared via Twitter.

“I am a professor- it is my job to correct and teach- I am not “talking down” to you,” she wrote. “If my friends say something wrong, I will correct them so that they can learn and improve themselves- I expect the same from my friends. Please don’t mistake my correction for condemnation.”

A fan replied and praised the star for being honest with her co-stars and for “teaching” them so they won’t look as “stupid” in the future.

“Exactly. If my shirt was tucked into my panties in the back you’d tell me right,” she replied to the fan.

Then, as Kameron was seen claiming that the newbie “treats them like children” in a confessional, Tiffany had an explanation for that as well.

“Act like children [equals] get treated like children,” she quipped.

As for why the respected anesthesiologist chose to end her pizza party at exactly 10:30 p.m., Tiffany had already explained to the ladies in a group text that she had an important meeting the following morning and she wanted to feel “fresh.” However, some of her co-stars, especially Kameron and Kary Brittingham, felt it was awkward and “rude” for her to set a time limit, with Kary saying she felt “disinvited” before even attending the event.

Tiffany thought it was important to explain her party “curfew” again and claims that she was actually trying to be mindful of the other women’s schedules as well.

“I didn’t know that ending a party at 10:30PM was so rude- I was setting expectations so you can tell your sitter what time you’ll be home, plan your evening, and be fresh for the next day. I like schedules,” she stated, adding “full time doctor” and “sorry not sorry” hashtags.

Though Tiffany appears to be emerging as a fan favorite, there are still plenty of people who have Kameron’s back and find her hilarious, including the fact that she set an alarm for 10:22 p.m. so she could be certain she wouldn’t wear out her welcome at Tiffany’s.

“OMG I’m deceased. [Kameron] set an alarm for the depart time. She’s a rule follower,” a fan account wrote as shared by Bravo TV.

Kameron replied in a since-deleted tweet, “I will always follow the rules,” with a peace sign hashtag.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9/8c.

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