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Time for family fun: Juhi Chawla’s special efforts for Christmas!

Juhi Chawla is looking forward to celebrating Christmas.

We began celebrating Christmas with more enthusiasm after I got married and began visiting our other home in Uganda. And, especially after our children came along, we would make a little effort to put on Santa hats, have a Christmas lunch and exchange gifts,” says Juhi Chawla, who also looks forward to celebrating the festival with her staff in Uganda as most are Christians.


This year has been special for her as she is in Uganda and one of their friends from Italy gifted them a statue of Mother Mary and baby Jesus which has been put up in a garden in their estate. “My mother-in-law created a garden and put up the statue in a grotto, which is simple yet lovely has been opened for everyone to visit this time for Christmas. It is so special,” she says.

Talking about the memorable times and X’mas parties, she says, “We have great fun when (husband) Jay’s Godmother, Aunty Terry, who is American of Jewish origin, would come over to spend Christmas holidays with us in Uganda and Mumbai. When she would come, we would make special efforts for the Xmas party. We would put up a huge Christmas tree. It would take 2-3 days to decorate the tree, which was fun for us -from buying stuff to put on the tree to actually decorating it.I remember on two -three occasions, we got party hats, fun accessories and all the uncles, aunties, grandmas, grandpas wore fluorescent wigs, oversized sunglasses, beer mugs, lights twinkling etc. Someone would wear a sombrero hat with a moustache, or an eye patch and a bandana and the kids would have fun watching the grown-ups looking ludicrous.” Chawla recalls getting fun photos made everyone laugh and made for cool memories.

“It would be a big party with 30 odd people. The kids would be her helpers and would line up to distribute the gifts to everyone around. The whole atmosphere would be fun family time,” she concludes.

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