Home EntertainmentGossips Towanda Braxton Prepared A Surprise For Fans For Valentine’s Day – See Her Video

Towanda Braxton Prepared A Surprise For Fans For Valentine’s Day – See Her Video

Towanda Braxton Prepared A Surprise For Fans For Valentine's Day - See Her Video

Towanda Braxton has a surprise for her fans, and she revealed it in the video that she recently shared on her social media account. Check out her post below.

‘@t.braxtonskincare What’s for Valentine’s Day? Is Valentines Day just for women or both men and women? What’s your view on that? Comment below! #valentinesday❤️ #tbraxtonskincare #love #skin #skincare @kingladybug #youtube,’ Towanda captioned her post.

A follwoer said: ‘As a Caribbean/tropical woman, I can tell you to never drink coconut water from a can. It’s not good. Coconut water in its natural form doesn’t last long. It goes bad quickly. So you can imagine the tons of preservatives in that. Try to get the actual coconut. Glad you’re better.’

Someone else said: ‘That was soooo nice of you to give her some of your skincare!! Also, did you take an allergy test to see if you’re allergic to anything?? Things that you once weren’t allergic to can affect you later in life.’

One follower posted this: ‘I absolutely love U Towanda. It’s your positivity & time that U spend w/us the fans. I’m sorry you went through an allergic reaction & U fell. 🙏🏽for complete healing. Now, I am ordering the skincare tonight. Your face Towanda has been glowing ever since you did your launch. I’ve tried others, but your customers said your product doesn’t irritate the skin. I have a suggestion for U Towanda w/water that I know works well for the immune system & skin. The water is Essentia. It has a 9.5 balance. Alkaline water is the best to boost your immune system and clear out toxins.’

The same commenter said: ‘Dr. Sebi recommends alkaline water with w/a PH Balance of 8-9. I take his sea moss too. I have a disease called gastroparesis. Gastroparesis is a paralyzation of the stomach & there isn’t a medical cure. So God is my cure, & I’m waiting on the manifestation of healing. The alkaline water has been a lifesaver. Those of us w/the disease can’t keep food down & malnourishment we fight along with w/dehydration which results in vitamin & saline infusions. Now, this isn’t a sad song, folk. Essential is the best water, which Im told by my nutritionist compliments any skincare regime. So, I’m ordering yours tonight & I will be late on the 40-day journey, but better late than never. I’m super excited because I see everyone using TBraxtonSkinCare & they don’t have blotches on their skin. Their skin tone is evenly blended, and the entire face is clearing up in unity. Blessings to you, Queen. 🙏🏽for your health & praying you began to see every manifestation that you spoke into the Universe.’

Towanda Braxton and her man have a new episode up on YouTube, and she made sure to drop the announcement on her social media account.


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