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Toya Johnson Shares An Important Message For Fans – See Her Video

Toya Johnson Shares An Important Message For Fans - See Her Video

Toya Johnson shared an important message for her fans and followers. It’s about voting and you can check it out in the video below.

“The race isn’t over and we need you to show up once again. Let’s get out to the polls this Tuesday. #voteforchange
#vote #whenweallvote #garunoff”’ Toya captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘If I lost my ID can I take my passport? My internet browser trippin.’

Another follower said: ‘Yes! GA let’s get a new U.S Senate Majority Leader. I’m counting on y’all to show up. We need this change. Show up to the polls 💪🏾’

A fan said: ‘I have made my vote! So please GA fill-up the polls! VOTE! No matter what! VOTE’ and someone else posted this: ‘If y’all did it before with the voting blue change the speak to Blue you can do it again please Georgia come on with the necessary change that we need we need our voices heard voices from the past trying to keep us in bondage let’s make the change they don’t know that we are purposeful people I can do it now only once every time you say it one of the things I want to do is even get with the children to let them know how the importance of voting that’s affected there are old enough to vote but they know the process when they become old enough to vote and I say yes you saying brainy are you voting oh yeah definitely that’s the purpose of getting our people out of bondage get the kids out don’t say all they too young to know if they don’t really know what’s going on yes they do and if they don’t because we’re not teaching them.’

Someone else said: ‘Please vote so Mitch McConnell loses his power and people get the help they need in this pandemic.’

One other follwoer said: ‘OMG the trolls! But anyway, we can do this GA! Return your ballots or make your plan to make it to the polls tomorrow! Let’s finish turning GA BLUE!💙💙’

A follower posted this: ‘I really just wanna follow my dream and work with Lana Rhoades.’


Toya Johnson shared a few pics and also dropped a message to celebrate the birthday of her BFF. Check out the post that she shared.

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