Tribhanga: Kajol on the backlash over the gaalis; asks, ‘Why do you have a problem now when I’ve killed people before?’ [Exclusive] | Bollywood Life

Tribhanga: Kajol on the backlash over the gaalis; asks, 'Why do you have a problem now when I've killed people before?' [Exclusive] | Bollywood Life

Tribhanga on Netlfix, starring Kajol and directed by Renuka Shahane, has received glowing reviews and immense love across all quarters. However, there’s a section of the viewers, particularly those on YouTube and Twitter, who seem offended by the frequent use of swear words in the movie, more so by Kajol, who has never portrayed such a character in the past. While we feel context and realism seem to have not been taken into account, we wanted to get the perspective of the star in the eye of the storm and got the perfect opportunity to do so in a recent exclusive interview for BollywoodLife. Also Read – Trending Entertainment News Today: Varun Dhawan set to shatter records, Bobby Deol’s South biggie

Gaalis (swear words) are a form of expression and a different language, too. A lot of people who use that language as a way of expression and for putting their thoughts across, there are some things that can’t be put across without gaalis. In fact, there are people around me who use them regularly and it never bothers me. It’s a feeling and I think we shouldn’t judge people for it. My point is also that I’ve stabbed somebody before. They never took objection to that, then why do you have a problem now with gaalis when I’ve killed people before on screen (in Gupt),” said Kajol when we quizzed her about some of the backlash over the swear words uttered by her character in Netflix’s Tribhanga. Also Read – Tribhanga: Kajol and Renuka Shahane on OTT freedom, censorship, rickshaw waalas, gaalis and strong women [Exclusive]

Upon reflecting on the reasons for some of the backlash that has emerged, Kajol added, “I tell you honestly though, I get where they’re coming from, what they’re thinking because that love they have for you is so intense and pure that in a very weird way, we’re put on a pedestal. So, yes, when we do things like this, I can understand where they’re coming from, where they think that, no, we didn’t like this. If you like to hear their positive feedback then you also have to accept their opinion. They have the right to judge you as well.” Watch her full video interview below: Also Read – Tribhanga: OMG! Here’s where Kajol ranks her character, Anu, compared to Simran from DDLJ and Anjali from KKHH [Exclusive]

What a balanced view on this! Not one bit surprising that it has come from Kajol who loves her characters as fiercely as she loves her fans.

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