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Twitter Will Soon Allow You To Retweet With TikTok-Like Reaction Videos

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Twitter is testing a new limited feature available to its iOS users. Twitter has started testing a new ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’ feature which is similar to the TikTok video reaction. This will allow the users to post video reactions to tweets alongside the tweet embedded. Users can click on the ‘Quote tweet with reaction’ option to react to a tweet with an image or video with the original tweet embedded. Twitter is calling these reaction videos or photos “Tweet Takes“.

On January 7, the Twitter Support team tweeted about testing the new feature. As mentioned, users can share customized reaction videos for tweets with a ‘Quote Tweet with reaction’ option while retweeting. When a user clicks on the option, it will take them to a screen where they can add a photo or video with the tweet embedded. Additionally, Twitter has not shared the official release date of the new feature.

Many social media apps like Meta-owned Facebook, Instagram, etc., have been adding many new features similar to TikTok. Even apps that aren’t part of social media like YouTube got their own version of TikTok called Youtube Shorts. However, the microblogging platform, Twitter, was away from any TikTok-like “short videos” until now.

With this, it seems that video reply will be the new trend in 2022. Last month, Instagram added a new feature that lets users to reply to comments on posts through Reels.

What are your thoughts on the new video retweets feature on Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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