Home Entertainment ‘WandaVision’ actor Randall Park reveals he got a COVID-19 vaccine

‘WandaVision’ actor Randall Park reveals he got a COVID-19 vaccine

'WandaVision' actor Randall Park reveals he got a COVID-19 vaccine

WandaVison actor Randall Park is the latest celebrity to reveal that he got a COVID-19 vaccine.

During an interview, the actor revealed that he received a COVID-19 vaccine back in September 2020, because he had joined the vaccine trials.

The 46-year-old explained that he joined the trial after his friend and fellow actor Ken Jeong told him they were looking for Asian candidates for the vaccine trials. Randall didn’t know if he had the placebo or the actual vaccine administered until they told him on Thursday that he actually did receive the vaccine in September during the trials.

The actor, who stars as Agent Jimmy Woo said, “I just found out that I’ve been vaccinated against Covid since September of last year.”

He explained: ‘Around September of last year I was on the phone with my friend and yours, Ken Jeong, Dr. Ken. And he was telling me about this vaccine trial that was taking place, and they were looking for Asian candidates.’

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Ken, 51, who became a household name in Knocked Up, Role Models, Community, The Hangover franchise and Crazy Rich Asians, is actually a doctor; he graduated from Duke University in 1990 and got his MD at the UNC School of Medicine in 1995. He completed his residency at Ochsner Medical Center in  New Orleans.

He gave up his practice in 2006 to pursue acting full time. 

Randall continued during his interview on The Talk: ‘And you know, I was thinking, oh that’s interesting. Then, I found out it was near my home, not far, and I was bored because it was pandemic.’

Adding, “I was stuck in the house. And I was like, maybe I should donate my body to science.”

Randall currently stars in the Marvel/Disney+ series WandaVision; he became a household name on The Office, The Interview, Fresh Off the Boat, Aquaman, and Always Be My Maybe.

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