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WandaVision: Jimmy Woo/Darcy Lewis Spinoff Pitch Being Written?

WandaVision: Jimmy Woo/Darcy Lewis Spinoff Pitch Being Written?

Okay, we’re going to start things off by letting you all know that this article will not contain spoilers for this week’s multiverse-shaking fifth episode of Disney+/Marvel Studios’ WandaVision. Instead, we’re focusing on two not-surprising standouts from a series filled with standouts: Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), and Agent James “Jimmy” Woo (Randall Park). Since their full introduction in last week’s episode “We Interrupt This Program” (though both characters had developed a cult following based n their past respective film appearances), Lewis and Woo have seen their popularity grow by leaps and bounds.

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At the end of January, actor/director Stephen Ford (Teen Wolf, SIXERS) took to Twitter with the idea of spinning-off the duo into their own comedy/thriller X-Files-like spinoff. Well, apparently a whole lot of people liked the idea- so much so that Ford began getting mentions on other media sites and in articles about the streaming series.

In a recent interview with EW, Park was asked if he heard about the social media movement to get him and Dennings their own series and if he would be interested. “I heard that! Of course! That would be so cool. Really, if they called me up for anything, I would do it just because I love the Marvel universe, and also the people are so great. They’re so talented and smart and really nice people,” Park responded. “So any chance to work in the Marvel universe again, I’d take it in a heartbeat. But if it ended here, I’d be very thankful — especially being a part of this show.” Dennings echoed Park’s sentiments when asked by NME about her interest in a spinoff. “Anything Marvel ever wants from me is always gonna be a yes and I would love to watch that,” she said. “Big Randall Park fan.’

Well, the possibility of seeing the further adventures of Woo and Lewis beyond WandaVision may have inched a little closer to reality on Friday, with Ford tweeting that he has been asked to write up a formal pitch for his spinoff idea over the weekend. In the following two tweets, Ford reveals what his unexpected weekend project is going to be followed by a look into how he’s feeling. A couple of things to keep in mind, just so no one jumps to assumptions. We don’t know who commissioned the pitch, so there’s that. And there’s the pitch itself, which is as about as early in the entire process as you can get. But should this pan out? We might be looking at the makings of a geek Cinderella story.

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