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Want your Sundays to be more relaxed? Find out how you should spend your Sunday based on your zodiac sign

Want your Sundays to be more relaxed? Find out how you should spend your Sunday based on your zodiac sign

Sundays are for self indulgence and self care. One likes to simply on the last day of the weekend and throwing all your worries aside. Find out how you should be spending your Sunday based on your zodiac sign.

Sundays are for relaxation, spa treatments, music therapy or simply soaking the sun. Sunday afternoon naps are much looked forward to after a long week of labour and hard work. While Sunday is the most awaited day of the week, however, it only lasts for a short while and soon Monday blues start to kick in. But, that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our day and indulging in some self care to take a break from the crazy hectic life.

Everyone deserves a break after a long week of hard work. Sundays are meant for pampering ourselves and taking out time to invest in something that replenishes the soul and refreshes the mind before we start the week again.

While everyone has different ways of spending their days, let us look to the stars and let astrology guide us this time to show how you should be spending the last day of the week.


Aries are always energetic and their excitement levels are always high. They should be spending their Sunday indulging in athletic and sports activities. They can find a sport they love and make it a routine to play a sport every Sunday.


Taureans are hard working people throughout the week, but they want their Sundays to be spent at home cuddling in bed with their partner. For Taurens, an ideal Sunday would be to sleep it off, cook a meal at home and spend quality time with their family members.


Geminis despise boring Sundays and want something fun and creative to kickstart their day. Their typical Sunday would be to hang out with friends, go for a sundowner or simply watch a movie with the family.


Cancerians are social throughout the week, although on Sundays they prefer to be home and binge watch their favourite Netflix series all day long. It is on this day they feel extremely lazy and refuse to step out of the house. They are the happiest to lounge on the sofa and watch TV or read a book. 


Leos are socialites not only on weekdays but on weekends as well. The concept of relaxing and unwinding at home on a Sunday is unusual for them. They despise being at home all day and would rather go out for a shopping date with their best friend or for a lunch out with their partner. Their ideal Sunday should be to go out for a picnic, spend time amidst nature and have fun in the sun.


Sundays are meant for video games, bike rides or physical activity for this zodiac sign. Virgos should be spending their Sundays taking a hike or going cycling in nature whilst listening to their favourite tunes.


Libras love zen and peace and they don’t want anything to come in between their afternoon naps, especially on a Sunday. Hence, a Libra should be spending their Sundays at home taking long afternoon naps and indulging in self care.


Scorpios are party animals and they prefer nights over days. For a Scorpio, their Sunday begins at night and ends with a hangover the following day. This zodiac sign believes in work hard, play hard hence, Scorpios should spend their Sundays planning a house party or going out for a karaoke night with their friends.


Another party animal and a socialite, this zodiac sign simply cannot keep calm. They are always up to something and planning an outing with their friends. This zodiac sign can spend their Sundays watching a movie, going for a picnic or going to a local club to party it out.


Capricorns are the most disciplined zodiac signs out of all. They would want their Sunday routine to be in order with something productive on their agenda. They should be spending their Sundays spending time with family or playing golf in the morning.


Aquarians are usually very selective and prefers their own company most of the times. However, on Sundays, they like to make pleasantries with people and show up for a few important meetings if there is work to be done. This zodiac sign should spend their Sunday socialising with people and taking out time to make important calls that have been pending for so long.


Pisces believe that everyday is a Sunday as long as you are doing something that you love. Hence, for a Pisces, an ideal Sunday would be to do something fun with their loved ones and bond with their family members.

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