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We Can Be Heroes review roundup: Priyanka Chopra and Pedro Pascal’s superhero movie divides critics

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The first reviews for Robert Rodriguez’s superhero movie We Can Be Heroes, starring Priyanka Chopra, Haley Reinhart, Pedro Pascal, and Christian Slater among others are out, and they are mixed. The critics are pointing out the film’s average production values, while also praising the sincerity of the story.

Digital Spy’s Ian Sandwell wrote in his review, “We Can Be Heroes goes big in the finale with a CGI-heavy battle (it is a superhero movie, after all), yet the set piece is weighed down by a convoluted resolution that even older viewers might struggle to make sense of. When the end result is just to set up this younger team and showcase all they’ve learnt, it’s all a bit too overstuffed.”

The Independent’s Clarisse Loughrey opined, “Rodriguez’s film has a simple nobility to it that does a lot to overcome the slapdash CGI and cheap sets. It’s always easier to embrace something when it’s made with sincerity and heart.”

Empire’s Ian Freer mentioned, “Rodriguez has fun coming up with some new-ish powers and there are knowing send-ups of superhero lore, but the takeaway is thin and forgettable.”

The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw noted, “This is pretty ho-hum stuff, but it could keep very young kids quiet over a lockdown Christmas.”

The Hollywood Reporter’s Frank Scheck wrote in his review, “Much like Rodriguez’s Spy Kids films, We Can Be Heroes proves silly, light-hearted fun for its target audience, blissfully free of ponderousness and enlivened by antic humor.”

IGN’s Rafael Motamayor opined, “Robert Rodriguez delivers a family-friendly film that feels like his most personal project yet. We Can Be Heroes is a cheerful and colorful take on the superhero genre with a powerful message about empowering younger generations to take the reins and do better than their parents.”

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