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We didn’t have a courtship but when he proposed, there were no second thoughts: Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar will tie the knot on December 25.

After months of speculation, and having dropped many hints, Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar announced their engagement last month. The couple who has been often spotted together and posts their pics on social media regularly, will tie the knot on December 25.

The bride-to-be is over the moon and reveals that over a month of knowing him well, they got engaged. “I was averse to the idea of being with anyone when I met him. Yet, I felt this was something different because I had never met someone like him. I felt this is my kind of human being. He is like me in many ways in thoughts, behaviour, history and characteristics. So, I knew we would have a great friendship. We didn’t have a courtship. I met him, we hit it off and he didn’t think he would propose to someone, marriage was not on his mind. When he asked me, it wasn’t planned. It was in a flow and after meeting me, in literally over a month, he proposed to me. There were no second thoughts,” she gushes about Zaid, son of music director Ismail Darbar, who proposed to her in July.


Having been in relationships in the past, some of which she spoke about, Khan admits she was in a happy space and wasn’t looking for a relationship. “Especially during the lockdown, I was seeing life from a different perspective. I wasn’t looking for love and when I met him, it wasn’t like I had butterflies in my stomach instead it was more that I met my human. I could connect to him, he can handle me, understand and take care of me, love me and be my best friend. It is a little unbelievable when people hear our story. Our families know that this was meant to be,” she shares, adding he is too cute.

What the actor loves the most about Darbar is that she can be a goof ball with him. She reveals that when her dad was hospitalised and she was in Pune taking care of him, she met Darbar three times in six weeks. “I had to go to Pune right after he proposed and I got to know much better over the phone than meeting. I had a deeper understanding of life during the pandemic. What got further emphasises is that time with family and loved ones matters the most. To meet a man who believed the same, made me think he is my kind of person,” says Khan, adding she is unfazed that she is seven years older to Darbar. “I can be a goof ball with him and also find the maturity and balance in the relationship. The age difference isn’t much and it doesn’t bother me,” she says with a smile.

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