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We’re gonna have to put up with Brady for a while longer

We're gonna have to put up with Brady for a while longer

Tom Brady says he could play past age 45.

Tom Brady says he could play past age 45.
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The masses have been speculating that the end has to be close for the career of Tom Brady for several years. After all, the guy is 43 years old and now playing in a state where most people go to retire, so it seems fitting. Brady has previously said that he wants to play until he’s 45. People have also speculated that if he wins another Super Bowl, maybe he would retire on a high note, having proven that he can win at the highest level outside of New England. Brady, however, is not currently thinking that way.

In Brady’s first press conference of Super Bowl week, ESPN’s Jenna Laine asked him: “Would you consider playing beyond 45, especially with the way you’re playing right now?”

“Yeah, definitely. I would definitely consider that. You know, it’s a physical sport, and just the perspective I have on that is you never kinda know when that moment is. It’s a contact sport, and there’s a lot of training that goes into it, and again — it has to be a 100% commitment from myself to keep doing it.”

I’m just speculating here, but maybe Brady is trying to play until he qualifies for AARP. Brady is 43, and the way he’s currently playing (and winning), why stop here? I’ve often wondered if Brady would run out of mountains to climb. He’s light years ahead of any competition for the GOAT title. He’s in the conversation as the greatest athlete of all time. He’s the only quarterback to play in two Super Bowls for two different teams after the age of 40. He’s the oldest — and second oldest — quarterback to win a ring. What’s left? If he wins outside of New England, why keep going?

Maybe he’s chasing down the title for the oldest quarterback to ever play in the NFL. George Blanda currently holds that crown, playing until he was 48 years old. Maybe Brady has a personal goal to fill all 10 fingers with championship rings. Although, something tells me that if he accomplished that feat, he’d just move on to his toes.

Brady is preparing for this Super Bowl in unique fashion, which is impressive to say about someone who has done it nine times before. Just like this entire season, dealing with the complication of a changing landscape that is continuously changing because of COVID is having its impacts on Super Bowl week. To use everybody’s favorite term from 2020 sports, the following is brought to you by “an abundance of caution.”

It’s hard to imagine that Brady will see something while watching the film that he hasn’t seen before, but leave it to the consummate professional to always search for any competitive advantage he can find over his opponent. If Brady can manage to win on Sunday, he’ll have overcome more adversity to achieve this title than any of his previous championships. Whatever it is that keeps Brady hungry and striving for more, one thing is for certain — you can never count out a Brady-led team. 

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