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Westworld, Her, The Matrix – 7 Hollywood Movies That Brought Artificial Intelligence To Life

From The Matrix To Her & Westworld – 7 Hollywood Flicks That Were All About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From The Matrix To Her & Westworld – 7 Hollywood Flicks That Were All About Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The Matrix To Her & Westworld – Enjoy These Hollywood Movies About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Over the past decades, we have heard rumours of the future being filled with artificial intelligence (AI), there being flying cars, and a lot of more amazing things. But alas, as of 2020 we know that most of these things aren’t true – yet.

While a few of these predictions are present to a certain extent – the presence of AIs like Alexa, Siri and more – a lot of the others haven’t seen the light still. Today we take a look at those Hollywood movies that which adapted to the futures we thought about and featured AIs.

From Her and the Terminator franchise to Westworld and The Matrix films, take a look at the 7 times Hollywood movies brought artificial intelligence to the forefront.

The Matrix Films

First released in 1999, this Hollywood AI movie franchise is all about the dark side of artificial intelligence. The films follow the creation of a stimulation (The Matrix) which imprisons humans and gives the superintelligent AI powers. It stars Keanu Reeves as Neo, a computer engineer who learns the truth about what’s happening and his life after that.

All three films in the franchise are available for streaming on Netflix.


This is unlike most of the others on the list. While most are of humans living in fear or being subdued by artificial intelligence, this is a love story. This 2013 film features Joaquin Phoenix’s Theodore Twombly falling in love with an AI named Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). Her conversations, common sense and ability to handle complex tasks are some of the reasons he falls for her.

The film can be streamed on Netflix.

Terminator Films

Who hasn’t watched the Terminator films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the humanlike android? Sent from the future to eliminate John Connor – the one who will save the world from ‘Judgement Day,’ we have seen him reprise his role in all the films. From kick*ss action to the phrase ‘Talk to the hand,’ this Hollywood movie franchise is something that will put fear in your about AIs taking over the world.

The films are available on Amazon Prime.

I, Robot

Created by humans to help make life easy, VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence) is a supercomputer that turns evil and heads out to control humanity. The film starred Will Smith, a technophobic cop who along with an uncorrupted AI Sonny take down the corrupt and resume some normality to life. This Hollywood movie shows how even if laws are set to control the artificial intelligence, it can still backfire.


Starring Tom Cruise, this post-apocalyptic action film is about what happens when an AI invades earth and nullifies almost all humans from existence. The few who are still alive live in hideouts to avoid being sported by the robots. The film features Tom and Andrea Riseborough as AIs who are created after being captured by the evil invader.

The film is available for streaming on Netflix.


Releases in 1973, this Hollywood sci-fi film is about artificial intelligence, aka robots being there for the entertainment of humans. But everything does a 180 degree turn when a virus spreads among them, leading to them taking human life. This is something we do not want to witness. Imagine going on a vacation and having those there come after your life. I’ll prefer staying cooped up at home.

Blade Runner

A film where AIs are bio-engineered to look like humans this film shows the emotions they feel and the limits they are willing to go to in order to preserve the future.

The film is available for streaming on Netflix.

Some other Hollywood movies that featured Artificial Intelligence (AI) include Tomorrow Land, Wall E, Robocop, Ex Machina, Interstellar and more.

Which is your favourite Hollywood Artificial Intelligence film? Let us know in the comments.

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