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What? Rebel Wilson reveals she was ‘kidnapped at gunpoint’ in Mozambique, Africa

Rebel Wilson had a horrific incident when she went on a trip to Africa and it’s a story that would make for an action-thriller!

In the latest episode of Straight Talking Series on Sky One, Rebel Wilson told former Royal Marines Commando Ant Middleton about being “kidnapped” in rural Mozambique. 

She narrated her ordeal and said that she was with a group of women in Mozambique when they were ordered to get out of the vehicle by men who “came on another truck with a lot of guns”. 

“Yeah, with the big guns, and were like, ‘you’ve got to get off your truck’,” Rebel Wilson said. “They took us to this house in the middle of nowhere. I feel like I was very good in the crisis,” she told the host and added,”Yeah, I was like a team leader.”

The actress continued: “They sat us down. I said, ‘everybody link arms’. I’m petrified in the night they might want to take one of the girls or something. Luckily, we weren’t harmed.”

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Rebel Wilson along with the other women was released the next day as she said, “The next day, they came and said, ‘oh, your truck is ready now you can go – go, go’, you know. So we just didn’t ask any questions, we got back on that truck and just got back out of there and then crossed the South African border a few hours later.

“I think maybe those guys used us to smuggle illegal things in the bottom of the truck.”

The actress did not say when the incident took place.

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