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What Were The Real Reasons For The Breakup Between Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas ? – Crossover 99

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When we found out about the breakup between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, the truth is that we couldn’t believe it. Already? But they haven’t been together for a year! But if she had just moved in with him! Yes, they have remained ‘ as friends ‘ but we still do not understand what could have happened so that they went from their loving walks to parting … and it seems that definitely. But Page Six has revealed some details that we could not expect and that explain the ending of this couple quite well.

What joined the quarantine … that separates the man (and the woman)

Let’s remember that it was in March 2020 when we learned that they were together, and this special moment for everyone was also special for them. Thus, according to sources close to Page Six, “the quarantine was very special for them because they were able to slow down and get to know each other very well, spending a lot of time at home. But, once they returned to work at a normal pace, things started. to change “, account.

Sure, indoors, alone, with nothing to do but walk their pets, they had plenty of time to spend with each other. Of course, real-life came and … oh no! They couldn’t get over it.

You to Los Angeles and I … elsewhere

Ben and Ana were very discreet but they spent Christmas apart; She traveled to Cuba to be with her family and she even has a house there where she may one day want to settle permanently. He, for his part, is installed in Los Angeles, where his 3 children live, and does not plan to move while they are there. For Ana, Hollywood is a workplace and she does not know how long she will live there.

On the other hand, there was also speculation about Ana de Armas’s desire to become a mother at some point, something that Ben Affleck would not share because he is already a father and has no intention of expanding the family further. Despite everything that has separated them, the media assure that they continue to get along phenomenally, that they speak several times a day, and that the relationship is excellent. And we wish it was true.

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