WhatsApp banned 2 million Indian accounts between May 15 and June 15

WhatsApp gave information in its first compliance report published under the New IT Rules

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WhatsApp blocked at least 2 million accounts in India from May 15 to June 15, a compliance report released by the Facebook-owned messaging platform said.

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The accounts were blocked using automated technology. The platform blocks around 8 million accounts a month around the world.

From India, the company had received 345 requests during the same period, where it has 530 million users. This includes 70 account support requests, 204 appeals for bans, 20 other type of support queries, 43 product queries, and 8 on user safety issues. The company took action on 63 of these.

However, WhatsApp did not say how many requests for information it has received from the government. The platform is fighting a case against the central government regarding the provision of traceability in the new IT rules. This provision tells WhatsApp to first trace the sender of the message.

The company said in its report, “Abuse detection takes place at three stages of the account’s lifestyle: upon registration, during messaging, and in response to negative feedback that we receive in the form of user reports and blocks. A team of analysts Measures the system and makes us more effective over time.”

Under the new IT rules, social media intermediaries will have to publish compliance reports every month. Facebook, Twitter, Google have published their reports this month.


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