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“When you are passionate, you make time”: Ali Merchant, Founder and CEO, AM Infoweb | Bollywood Life

“When you are passionate, you make time”: Ali Merchant, Founder and CEO, AM Infoweb | Bollywood Life

For a common man, an average day entails the usual activities that are widely consistent with the larger population like going to work, returning home, family-time, and sleep. What truly intrigues most of us is how does an average day of a very busy and influential person looks like? To give us a picture of what it is like, we grabbed the chance when an opportunity presented itself to interview one such person who happens to be at the top of his game and is still making news with his success stories. He is a very well-known name in the business world with quite a few friends from the Bollywood industry too – Ali Merchant.

Ali Bhai as he is popularly known by friends and family is the Founder and CEO of AM Infoweb, a leading Health Information Management Outsourcing Company. His social media account showcases wishes and greetings from some of the very well-known faces from Bollywood. We also realized that Ali Merchant is the President of a non-profit social welfare organization called Bande Khuda Trust spearheaded by his philanthropic initiatives and that he celebrates his birthday each year by involving in social work like distribution of food and blankets and even blood donation camps like the one he organized in December 2020.

How do you manage to make time to organize such events even amidst your various important commitments?
Ali replied, “When you are passionate about something, you don’t have to figure out how to make time for it, rather you end up doing it without realizing that you made time for it. It comes naturally to you. If you enjoy what you do, then time is never a constraint.”

On that note, we are curious about how a day in your life looks like?
He smiles, “I am a normal human being with normal needs and life. So there is nothing unusual about my routine. Every person’s life revolves around their personal and professional commitments. Mine too revolves around the same.”

Now, you are being very humble. Please do elaborate.
“Okay. So, I usually wake up early and workout for an hour and I make sure that I meditate for some time every day. It helps me stay focused. Occasionally, I may wake up a bit late owing to late-night client-calls I need to attend as the majority of my clients are from the US.”

That must be pretty exhausting.

He clarifies, “Yes, but it’s a commitment, after all, you can’t shrug it off. I then proceed to check my emails and prepare my to-do list for the day. Have my breakfast and then I am off to the office. I utilize the commuting time to send out important emails and notices to my leadership team so that all the meetings can be scheduled on time.”

Continuing uninterrupted Ali says, “My first mission on reaching office is to meet up with my leadership team as I prefer to delegate all important tasks to the respective experts at the start of the day and discuss the preferred time frames and targets for the same. This helps everyone in planning out their day right at the start. I usually send out emails regarding the same, the previous evening if I can help it.”

“My mind can take on the most taxing works in the first half of the day. So, I schedule the more routine and technical aspects in the second half. But the workflow can be uncertain at times and some days are completely filled with mentally taxing work. But I prefer to not keep a pending to-do list. So, occasionally I end up working longer hours.”

“The higher you are, the greater your responsibility. I too have my share of bad days, but I always try to refocus by reminding myself of all the people who depend on me for their growth and livelihood, and then, it becomes easier to pull myself back on track.”

“I love interacting with people. So, whenever I am informed of any personnel issues in the company, I try to personally have a word with the concerned people. This helps me understand

the pain points or underlying frictions that cause such problems and possible solutions to avoid such problems in the future. There is so much to learn from situations that arise under your nose than looking further for knowledge.”

“Once, I am satisfied that the day was productive enough to wind up, I head back home unless I have any upcoming client calls scheduled for the night.”

Besides AM Infoweb and your TRUST, you are also known to invest in quite a few businesses. How do you manage all these roles simultaneously?
Ali replies, “I juxtapose each role in my to-do list in a way that I cannot ignore even a single one on any given day. It is just a matter of prioritizing your tasks depending on its urgency. I do not have the luxury of maintaining my routine 365 days of the year as my role calls for extensive work-related travels, so when I’m home, I stick to my work and fitness schedule.”

It is mind-boggling to imagine how Ali flawlessly manages to be a business owner, investor, philanthropist, life coach, and let’s not forget also a family man in the same 24 hours that any common man enjoys! Ali Merchant’s commitment to work and physical and emotional fitness levels are truly inspiring and we hope to see him grow even higher in the near future.

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