Where to find melons in Minecraft

Melons can grow naturally in a jungle biome in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Melons in Minecraft are fruit blocks that can be found naturally generated in jungle biomes, savanna villages and tillage rooms within woodland mansions.

Minecraft is a world that is brimming with a variety of different fruits and vegetables, which vary from mundane to exotic. One of the oldest and fairly easy-to-locate fruits in the game are melons.

This fruit block can be found in three main locations, which can be accessed hastily with the use of an online tool or an in-game command.

Once encountered, players can break these blocks to be rewarded with a handful of tasty melon slices.

This article will break down where melons can be found in Minecraft as well as discuss some of their various uses in-game.

Where can players find melons in Minecraft?

Players can find melons growing in large quantities in jungle biomes. It may be more difficult for players to find a jungle biome as a whole than it will be for them to find a melon growing inside a jungle biome itself.

To speed up the process of finding a jungle biome on their specific game world, Minecraft players can refer to this guide. This guide shows players how to use an online tool in order to quickly find almost any biome or structure of interest inside a Minecraft seed.

Other than jungle biomes, players can try their luck hunting down savanna villages. Melons can be found growing in farm plots or as an alternative to hay bales in these villages. However, it is not a guarantee that every village in a savanna biome will have melons.

Players who know the location of a woodland mansion in their seed can also try their luck there.

Melons can be encountered in a very specific type of room. However, it is not worth a player’s time to hunt down a woodland mansion just to find melons.

The specific rooms that are generated inside of each woodland mansion are completely randomized.

Players would be better off sticking to jungle biomes than trying to get lucky with an ideal room layout generation inside a woodland mansion.

Minecraft players who do not mind a bit of cheating can also use the /locatebiome command in order to quickly find one of the biomes where melons can generate.

The crafting recipe for melon seeds in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)
The crafting recipe for melon seeds in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

Once found, melons actually have a number of different uses. They can be used to raise the compost level of a composter, sold to journeyman-level farmer villagers for emeralds or converted into the melon slices food item.

A single melon slice can not only be eaten to restore hunger but can be converted into melon seeds. These seeds can then be used by Minecraft players to grow their very own melons, so they do not have to go hunting for melons again.

Players who are interested in learning more about how farming works in Minecraft, can read up about the subject here.

Published 30 Jan 2021, 05:54 IST

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