Home News Why fires in a Nagaland valley ringing alarm bells

Why fires in a Nagaland valley ringing alarm bells

Why fires in a Nagaland valley ringing alarm bells

The year 2020 started with massive wildfires in Australia that caused severe destruction and in 2021 the grim is back again, but this time India.

Nagaland’s pristine Dzukou Valley is on fire and its unique flora and fauna are at risk. 

Nearly 30 kms from Nagaland’s capital Kohima, the valley is popular trekking for tourists. 

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The fire is said to have started on the afternoon of December 29. 

Since then, gusty winds have fuelled the raging inferno. 

Emergency forces have since then jumped into action, helicopters have been deployed, camps have been set up at ground zero and over 200 firefighters are battling the blaze. 

Visuals from the valley showed an IAF helicopter refilling a Bambi bucket with an approximate capacity of 3,500 litres to help douse the blaze. 

This exercise is often used to extinguish the blazes. 

However, the fire continues to rage and now spreading to the neighbouring state of Manipur. 

The valley that is known for its biodiversity is seeing severe damage in its rich flora and fauna. 

The focus is on the Dzukou Lilly and Blyth’s Tragopan, the state bird of Nagaland, both of which are one of the major attraction sources for tourists. 

Blyth’s Tragopan that often falls prey to hunters is now facing an existential threat by the massive blazes. 

The cause of fires is unknown, but several people blame humans for the devastation. 

In 2006, the valley witnessed a similar scene which led to around 20 km of vegetation being reduced to ashes. 

The cause of concern is the destruction could be worse this time. 

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