Home Entertainment ‘With the blessings of Rajinikanth, we’ll fulfil his wishes’ says close aide regarding Rajini’s political vision

‘With the blessings of Rajinikanth, we’ll fulfil his wishes’ says close aide regarding Rajini’s political vision

Time has come to change the fate of Tamil Nadu, says Rajinikanth

Weeks after actor Rajinikanth firmly reinforced his intention to stay out of electoral politics, his close aide has now come out with a statement, saying that Rajini’s political vision can be fulfilled. “Soon, I will be before you as a changemaker, ready to serve” the letter from R. Arjunamoorthy, who was designated as the Chief Coordinator of Rajini’s impending political party cryptically states. 

Arjunamaoorthy adds that he wished to not use the picture of the actor, as the Superstar was now fulfilling his professional commitments as a filmstar. “I touch the feet and seek the blessings of Rajini who introduced me to the masses and embark on this journey to bring change, with the hope that I will bring significant change,” he says. 

This announcement seems interesting, as it comes from someone who is seen among the close confidantes of the actor. It is notable that Rajini had made it clear to all fans and followers that he is firm on his decision, owing to health and that “No means no” regarding his political foray. 

Shortly after Rajini had made the announcement to not foray into politics, his close advisor Tamilaruvi Manian too had stated that he would be quitting politics once and for all. 

Recently, an announcement from Actor Rajinikanth’s unified fan club has said that their members are free to join other political parties if they wished. It added that they could join any party of their choice, after submitting their resignation to the Rajini Makkal Mandram. 

“Under any circumstance, Rajini will be my leader. I am a Rajini fan and I take pride in it. Owing to that concern, we will never bring disrepute to his name. With the blessings of Rajinikanth, we will fulfil his wishes” the letter mentions. 

Arjunamoorthy was associated with the BJP intellectual wing prior to joining hands with actor Rajinikanth, hence it remains to be seen whether he is hinting at a return to the BJP or whether he would be announcing a new party or outfit along with fellow Rajini fans. 

This announcement can also be seen in the context of what Thuglak Editor S.Gurumurthy had told Zee media earlier. Gurmurthy shared his opinion that Rajini would influence public affairs without having to formally enter electoral politics. 

“Rajini’s stature is different and his words can bring about change. I believe that he can create an impact in politics without formally stepping in. That’s what Rajini has indicated in the penultimate para of his statement (in Tamil) – ‘Without getting into electoral politics, I will serve the people of Tamil Nadu in ways that I can’. This service is not referring to charity, this is going to be political in nature” Gurumurthy had told Zee Media in an exclusive conversation.

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