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WORLD MUSIC DAY 2022: History and recommended artists you might wanna listen to

World Music Day 2022

World Music Day is celebrated on the 21st of June every year to honor all the musicians and singers that have contributed to this art of music. Music can mean a lot of different things to many people and for some, it is “comfort”, “healing”, “relatable” and a reason to live on. 

I don’t think I can personally imagine a world without music for it would be bland to go about every day and not have a combination of beautifully written lyrics, composed music, and produced tracks that make me feel something. Hence, this day is celebrated to enhance and mark the importance of music. 


This day is also known as Fête de la Musique, a music festival that began in the year 1982 in France. In 1981, Jack Lang, the French Minister of Culture approved of this idea and since then, the day has been celebrated as World Music Day. 

The purpose of Fête de la Musique is to promote music in the following two ways:

  1. Musicians of all kinds, amateur or professional, are encouraged to perform in the streets under the slogan Faites de la musique” which translates to “Make music”.
  1. Many free concerts and shows are organized of all genres for the general public. 

Over 130 countries take part in this event and over one thousand cities participate across the world.  

There’s music and rhythm in everything you listen to, and it is because of music that we transcend boundaries like language and genders and come together as one who loves music for what it is. 

There are way too many languages to start talking about and immensely talented artists to be able to tick everyone off the list. But there’s always room for new artists and songs in your playlists and hence I’ll be ending this article with my top 7 artists I’d love for you to checkout. 

  1. BTS ( Bangtan Sonyeondan): This is a Korean pop boy band of seven members that have quite literally taken over the world. Their hit songs like “Dynamite”, “Permission to dance” and “Butter” weren’t just a fan favorites but loved by the general public as well. The members produce music as solo artists as well, so if you dive in and love their songs you basically have seven new artists to love.
  1. Taylor Swift: Again, you must have heard her name in the headlines quite a few times and probably did not give her music a chance because she’s “mainstream” but trust me, we’re all aware that the best artists are the ones down-talked the most. She’s the greatest lyricist of our generation if anything. Hope you give this artist a chance to bloom in your heart. You can check out my favorites by her- “Call it what you want”, “King of my heart” and “All too well”.
  1. Halsey: You’ve probably heard the song “Closer (by the chainsmokers ft. Halsey)” and “Without Me” by her since they had gone crazy viral back in 2016 and 2018 respectively. She isn’t just a hit or miss but a wonderful artist that since then released only applaudable music. Give her a chance and check her songs out- “Colours”, “Gasoline” and “SUGA’s Interlude”.
  1. Carlie Hanson: Probably not that well known as compared to the ones mentioned above but not any less talented than them. She is a singer-songwriter in the genre of pop. You’d love her songs if you’re someone that loves lyrical masterpieces. Listen to her songs “Good enough” and “WYA” to be the judge of it.
  1. James Arthur: A global hit “Say you won’t let go” was sung by this artist in 2016, and it felt as if it were a one-time thing. But, he hasn’t let down his fans by the number of bangers he has been releasing. It’s just that he hasn’t been in the limelight for a while now. Check his recent releases out which are my favorites at the moment if you wish to- “Medicine”, “September” and “Take it or leave it”. 
  1. Sebastián Yatra: He is a Columbian singer, super famous for his Latin pops and reggaeton singles. I recently rediscovered him and realized how much I missed listening to his songs. If you like artists like Maluma, Nicky Jam, J Balvin, etc then you will probably like him too. A song by him on repeat at the moment for me is “My Only One (No Hay Nadie Más) with Isabela Merced”.
  1. Troye Sivan: You probably know him because of the song “Strawberries & Cigarettes”, if you happen to know him. And if you don’t, I’d request you to listen to that song first alone with my all-time favorites- “Talk me down”, “Youth”, “Easy” and “Ease”. 

I hope I’ve given you a new artist you can love and relate to and if not, I hope you find solace in the ones you already know. 

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