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WWE confirms how NBCSN moving to the USA Network will affect RAW and NXT

What does the NBC Sports Network

Today WWE announced on their 2020 fourth-quarter conference call that it doesn’t believe that programming moving over to the USA Network from the soon-to-be shutdown NBC Sports Network will impact NXT or RAW in any way.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that the NBC Sports Network is coming to an end this Fall. The channel currently hosts various sports content planned to be moved over to the USA Network, including NHL, NASCAR, and the Premier League, among others.

With Wednesday night being a big night for NHL hockey on NBCSN, it’s been speculated that the black and gold brand will find a new home before the end of the year.

Be that on a different night on the USA Network or a move to Peacock that was teased in the initial press release when WWE announced the move of the WWE Network to Peacock.

WWE believes that NBCSN coming to the USA Network will not affect NXT or Monday Night RAW

While WWE claims that the influx of new sports programming on NBCSN won’t affect either show, PWInsider reports that when WWE President Nick Khan was asked about NXT moving to Peacock and leaving the USA Network, he avoided answering that question.

Maybe that means WWE believes that moving NXT this Fall will not affect the program at all. Regardless of when and where it airs, they might think they will attract the same viewership. Only time will tell what the future of NXT is on the USA Network.

On the other hand, RAW is completely safe no matter what; nothing USA brings over from NBCSN will move WWE’s flagship show. That is something that will never happen.

What do you think is the future of WWE NXT on the USA Network? Do you believe they will switch nights? Or do you think they will move to Peacock? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

Published 05 Feb 2021, 06:12 IST

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