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Xiaomi poll hints at 120Hz LCD for Redmi Note 10 series, but fans want OLED


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T right front profile

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

  • Redmi India has released a Twitter poll asking users to choose between two screen types.
  • The poll asks users to choose between a 120Hz LCD screen and a standard OLED panel.
  • Respondents are overwhelmingly voting in favor of an OLED panel.

Redmi India claims that the upcoming Redmi Note 10 series will be the smoothest Redmi smartphones yet, suggesting that the series will offer a high refresh rate display for a smoother visual experience. This would fall in line with several rumors that point to at least one of the phones having a 120Hz LCD screen.

Now, the company has posted a poll on Twitter, asking users whether they prefer the “best LCD” with 120Hz refresh rate or a simple AMOLED display (ostensibly with a 60Hz refresh rate). However, it looks like users are overwhelmingly in favor of the OLED option. Check it out below.

Redmi India Redmi Note 10 LCD OLED poll

It’s worth noting that the poll still has over 20 hours to go as of publication, but we doubt that things could dramatically swing the other way with almost 9,000 votes tallied already.

The strong preference for OLED technology (even without a high refresh rate) also lines up well with a poll we ran in October 2020. Back then, over two-thirds of polled Android Authority readers and Twitter followers voted for 60Hz OLED screens over high refresh rate LCD panels.

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The benefits of OLED screens are numerous, such as lower power consumption when viewing darker content, deeper blacks, the ability to deliver high levels of brightness, and no light bleed compared to LCD tech. Meanwhile, LCD panels also offer a couple of advantages over OLED displays, such as being cheaper and not being prone to screen burn-in over time.

Either way, it seems like Android Authority readers and Redmi India’s Twitter followers think the benefits of OLED panels outweigh that of high refresh rate LCD screens. For what it’s worth though, our own Ryan-Thomas Shaw thought the LCD-toting Mi 10T Pro delivered a “superb” screen. So it’s not necessarily the end of the world if a brand adopts an LCD panel. We’ll just have to get our hands on a Redmi Note 10 series review unit to see whether the company delivers a quality experience here too.

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