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Yoru teleport lineup tricks on Ascent in Valorant

Valorant Episode 2 Formation Image by Riot Games

Yoru is the latest duelist agent in Valorant.

Yoru is the 14th Valorant agent. He was added with patch 2.00, which introduced Episode 2 Act 1. One of Yoru’s ability lets him teleport to a location. A Youtuber recently took a deeper dive into some of the amazing teleporter lineups possible.

One of the lineups could potentially launch the teleporter right into opponents spawn on Ascent in Valorant.

Yoru Teleport lineup trick in Valorant

Yoru is a Duelist agent in Valorant who originates from Japan. His basic abilities, Fakeout or Blindsight, allow him to create fake footsteps and distract opponents, or simply flash them. Yoru’s signature ability, Gatecrasher, lets him either place a rift tether to teleport back later to, or send the rift tether in a linear path to teleport to.

His Ultimate ability, Dimensional Drift, essentially makes Yoru enter a parallel dimension and travel the entire map, gaining intel without being spotted by opponents. However, Yoru won’t able to affect or damage his opponents while being in the parallel dimension.

A previously discovered trick allows Yoru to skip the exit animation of his Ultimate ability.

Youtuber Robert Rayhart recently took a deep dive into the best of Yoru’s possible teleporter lineups in the Ascent map of Valoant. The teleporter lineups are extremely useful. 

The first lineup allows Yoru to send his teleporter from Mid-link to Defender side spawn. For this to work, the player needs to send the teleporter while lining up against the wall. The teleporter will then travel through the upper Mid Courtyard, Mid Bottom, and Mid Pizza to reach deep into Defender side spawn.

The second one allows the player to send the teleporter to the Logs from B Main. And the third one from B Main to B Back. Finally, the fourth one sends the teleporter from B Main to the stairs.

The fifth lineup will allow the player to send the teleporter from Mid Top through Mid Catwalk and Mid Cubby, right into A Link near the tree.

The sixth lineup for the teleporter goes to the hole under A Rafter from A-Main, bypassing the entire A site.

The seventh and eighth line up for the teleporter can send the teleporter to Defender spawn from A Wine or A Link. 

Robert Rayhart showcases more Teleporting lineups. However, many players were fast to point out that lineups might not be as powerful as could be. The teleporters are destroyable by bullets and opponents could shoot the player in the middle of the teleporting animation. 

Yoru has debuted now, receiving a warm welcome from the entire fanbase. There are already multiple ways to counter opponents while playing as Yoru.

In due time, more potential Yoru tricks will surely be discovered by Valorant players

Published 15 Jan 2021, 00:27 IST

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