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You ought to no longer buy Microsoft Floor merchandise in India: For that reason

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It’s no secret that Microsoft manufactures amazing hardware with its Floor product line. The Microsoft Floor Book is a one-of-a-kind product and the Floor Pro lineup is an exhilarating hardware journey. No one comes just about the model Microsoft does things with those two merchandise. The 2-in-1 Floor Pro sequence is one in all the splendid, if no longer the splendid in its segment. But what’s a system without factual buyer care or enhance?
About two years in the past, I used to be available in the market to purchase a 2-in-1 for my freelance and college work. I purchased the Floor Pro (fifth gen). It used to be my dream machine in the intervening time. There used to be no decent competitor to this construct ingredient. I spent every penny I earned from months of freelance work on my dream machine. You notice, Floor merchandise are loads costlier than the US in India. For instance, the $799 Floor Pro 7 is promoting in India for over Rs 90,000 (~$1,226). Therefore, it used to be a costly purchase. Nonetheless, I loved engaged on it. It used to be a delight. If fact be told, I wrote why I loved engaged on the Microsoft Floor Pro.
Nonetheless, now that I notion wait on, I will impart that I spent a ramification of cash without thinking it via. My belief route of on the time of shopping the system used to be, “Who cares about buyer care, it’s Microsoft! The product will final. I won’t beget any disaster with my machine.”
But I used to be homely. Very homely. After about 20 months of spend, my Floor Pro’s kickstand gave up on me. A pair of days in the past, I closed the hinge after work, as any customary individual would design, and the trusty aspect of the hinge popped out. I had no clue what had came about. Finally, there used to be no strain applied to the ingredient! And, there I used to be, with a $1,100 machine that broke within two years of spend.
Now, any machine can spoil. It’s no longer an topic (except it ought to’t be repaired). It used to be what followed that terrified me. It’s been two days since I’ve been attempting to catch to Microsoft enhance, nonetheless the efforts beget easiest gone to vain. The tech monumental has fully no buyer enhance in India. I went to the Microsoft contact us / enhance page and contacted enhance, which opened a digital assistant.
I requested restore or alternative of the product, which took me to the ‘Initiating up a Service Issue’ page. On this page, Microsoft asks you about your topic and asks you to verify your shipping address. That is the place apart the route of ends. The corporate doesn’t accept an Indian address since there’ll not be any longer at all times any enhance for the nation. It says, “We’re sorry. The accessory or system you are requesting is no longer on hand. Please contact Microsoft Give a boost to for support.” And, it goes wait on to the Give a boost to page.
The technique to acquire Microsoft buyer enhance in India is frustrating. You is more doubtless to be left abandoned if your $1,000+ machine breaks. There’ll not be any longer one of these thing as a one to relief. You may seemingly well’t contact any one.
Now, I’m left with a broken kickstand on my Floor Pro with no one to transfer to.
In my journey, the Microsoft Floor Pro isn’t a legitimate machine. Whereas you happen to’re spending above Rs 85,000 ($1,150+) on a product, you naturally ask it to final for as a minimum three years, and no longer quit on you in the center of a workday! It’s sad when this occurs. But it absolutely’s worse when it occurs to a product from a company you depended on, and worst if it used to be your dream machine.
I don’t, (no, I will’t) counsel you shopping for a Microsoft Floor product in India because if something occurs, you are left stranded. There’s no one to relief, and as well you’ll stop up deserted. It’s no longer the merchandise which may seemingly well perchance be harmful (they’re amazing) nonetheless it absolutely’s the Microsoft after-sales provider that is pathetic. So design yourself a desire, and don’t buy Microsoft Floor merchandise in India.
Disclaimer: That is my journey, and it’s no longer extending to the road-up. Mine broke, doesn’t point out yours will too nonetheless I’m putting it accessible.
Change: I known as the enhance quantity 18001021100, and the client s
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