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Zareen Khan: People have forgotten that Covid-19 virus exists

Actor Zareen Khan has been a part of films such as Veer and Housefull 2.

Actor Zareen Khan is gearing up to get back to work, and says that she has already started getting offers again, after the Covid-19 induced lull across sectors including showbiz. But there’s this one thing she still can’t come to terms with.

“Everything has opened up, people have just forgotten that the virus still exists. I don’t know what’s the status right now. Shoots are being planned, people are aggressively pitching projects and I’ve got a couple of interesting scripts. If things fall in place, then hopefully next year I’ll have a good lineup as well,” she says.

While showbiz has barely just got back on its feet, the positive cases continue to rise. In such a catch-22 situation, where there’s dilemma if we should get back to work or restrict venturing outside, what does Khan have to say?


“During the lockdown was there, we saw how important it was for our safety. But we’ve been told to be aatmanirbhar (self-dependent), there’s no financial help provided to anybody. A lot of people went through really tough times,” she says.

Revealing that even celebrities don’t have it easy always, she continues, “The really upper class people who had a lot of money were safely secured in houses. All others, even me, have home loans. I can imagine people who have nine to five jobs, I can’t even imagine it must have been very difficult during lockdown. So many cases of suicides that happened, didn’t know what to do.”

This is why Khan feels it’s important for people to resume work sooner or later.

“It’s good that things have opened up. We’ve to fend for ourselves, there’s no real financial help provided by authorities. Yes, restrictions and precautions are very important, because the pandemic is still there. Since we’re on our own now, it’s better to take care of ourselves,” she signs off.

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