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How to Explore Yourself and Become Your Own Best Friend

Dear readers, I hope you are doing fine in these tough times, but before starting I want to make a point that this blog is not about causes of the coronavirus, effects of coronavirus, etc. or anything related to it.

It is about ourselves, you and the current reader reading it, we all are working on something, for example, it would be a job, a business or education (like I am an engineering student).  We all have been given a work/task to be completed and it has a deadline attached to complete it, because of deadline pressure, we become much focused on our work.

I am not telling that it is a bad thing to work on your goals/dreams it is the best thing for any individual to go behind his/her dreams, but putting your mind entirely on it is not a healthy thing to do.

I don’t know what might be the tasks assigned to an employee/entrepreneur but being an engineering student, I can talk about this like majority of the Final Year engineering students are working on either Placements/MS/MBA/Startup along with their college-related work. Some students are well organized so they complete these without developing any health-related problems but many students are not able to cope up well with these tasks.

Some students out of them (5 % or 10 %) develop many problems which are of high concern like hypertension, inferiority complex, some even commit suicide (if they can’t fulfil their dreams ). There is also a neurological problem called epilepsy, now I am not a neurologist but there are some students who face epilepsy due to the above problems mentioned.

Those people to whom epilepsy occurs leads to major and minor seizures which are really dangerous for a young student to face. Now, this blog is not about epilepsy though I have repeated this word two times.

My point is that along with working on our dreams we have to and we should focus on our mental health also and for that, we can either do meditation or develop a hobby which we will do every day and that thing won’t feel like a load or a mission to be completed rather a task which is helping us to know ourselves better.

If you don’t know which task is that thing which doesn’t feel boring to you or in simple words you don’t have a hobby like me you can find out your hobby by trying out different things. The thing which would interest you the most you can consider that as a hobby, but please don’t take this thing as a mission or a deadline, rather play it as a game to be completed.

I know this was a very short blog but the message that I want to spread through this is “Find yourself, who you actually are, give yourself some self-time, become your own best friend, Life is not a mission or a deadline to complete but a movie to experience and you are the hero of this movie. My friend so rather than getting upset because of some short term failure give yourself some time and hit back with a stronger version and also find that one thing to do every day to make your life/movie so entertaining that it would get a 10/10 rating on IMDB(just kidding…).” 


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