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Andres Useche’s ‘All On The Line’ Featuring KC Balasarangan Celebrates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

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There is no denying the fact that during Donald Trump’s four years in office, the relationship that the US shares with the world had altered profoundly. But with Joe Biden taking over the reins as the US president, several changes are expected.

Popular filmmaker & singer-songwriter Andres Useche too expects to see several good things under Biden’s presidency. “I see a lot of good things coming up because right from the beginning, Biden has worked for equality and Kamala Harris has embodied the beautiful diversity of our country. On the other hand, Trump – even before he launched his campaign- was already discriminating Mexican people and said horrible things which I consider as hate speech. He was just getting people riled up.”

Useche, who lauds Biden for his unifying ideas for the US and Kamala Harris’ vision, has launched a track ‘All On The Line” to celebrate them. “I wrote the song and recorded it with some friends, I made the version and put the video out. Since I’m an immigrant myself, I was inspired by the fact that Kamala Harris has Indian roots and wanted to celebrate that and make a version. Biden clearly respects her and is amazed by her as an individual. Kamala is a competent and intelligent woman. The fact that Kamala is a daughter of an immigrant is very important because that’s a part of our identity. I wanted to have a version that celebrated this aspect.”

Andres wanted to collaborate with KC for a project, and and was happy to get him to produce the Indian version of “All On The Line”. “I have been discussing a collaboration with KC Balasarangan who is a great musician. We wanted to collaborate on a project and asked him to help me with the song. Had little time to record Indian version of ‘All On The Line’, but he did a great job and I was very happy with collaboration.”

On being asked what ideas he kept in mind while working on the Indian version of the song, Balasarangan said, “The original version of the song had a lot of rock. It had guitars and violins too. Clearly, it had an American sensibility. For the Indian version, I wanted to go the Indian way, but not adhere to the classical, Carnatic idea. I wanted a fusion that would appeal to the audience and still have Indian roots. Something that connected with the vibe of Kamala Harris. I have used Indian instruments for the version and the sensibilities are Indian. People in Chennai are very happy and overwhelmed by the fact that someone from our state and country have been elected as the Vice President of the US.”

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