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Disenchantment Season 4: Release Date, Cast And Everything – Crossover 99

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After a long wait, fans finally got to encounter Disenchantment season 3, and following ten gut-busting episodes full of exciting drunken misadventures, lovers are already wondering what the future holds for Disenchantment season 4. The last moments of the latest run left the door open for more of Princess Tiabeanie, abandoned, and Luci’s story to be told.

There’s never a dull moment in Dreamland and the next season took fans on a different visually magnificent and sidesplittingly hilarious ride in what can only be described as an exceptional endeavor from beginning to finish. The last time subscribers watched the heroes of the edgy animated series, Elfo was seized by ogres, Luci the demon ended up in paradise, and King Zog was locked away in a mental institution.

However, the most memorable moments belong to Bean. Whether it was her mermaid hookup with Mora, an undesirable marriage proposal from Steamland’s Alva Gunderson, or her eventually becoming queen of Dreamland only to be kidnapped by her mum Dagmar, she never ceases to surprise her supporters together with the unexpected.

For those wondering if there’s a prophecy out there calling that Disenchantment season 4 is a part of Netflix’s destiny, the information is just what fans want to hear.

Disenchantment season 4 Release Date

There isn’t any official affirmation or statement related to the release of Disenchantment season 4. As season 3 of Disenchantment was a hair-raiser for those viewers, season 4 of Disenchantment can positively be anticipated. Disenchantment season 4 is predicted to launch in February 2022.

Disenchantment Season 4

Disenchantment Season 4 Cast: Who can be in it?

The cast is lead by Abbi Jacobson, who voices the protagonist Bean, a rebellious princess who resorts to excessive drinking. Eric Andre voices Lucy, Bean’s demon. He is also the voice behind Pendergast, the leader of King Zøg’s knights. Nat Faxon lends his voice to the merry elf Elfo, who is fond of candy. John DiMaggio voices King Zøg, the esteemed ruler of Dreamland and also Bean’s father.

Tress MacNeille voices Queen Oona, Bean’s stepmother, who is an amphibian. She also lends her voice to Bonnie Prince Derek as well as a few other characters. Maurice LaMarche voices Odval, the scrawny prime minister of Dreamland. Along with several other people, these characters are expected to reprise their respective voice characters in disenchantment’ season 4.

Disenchantment Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 3 witnesses Odval trying to dethrone Bean’s dad King Zøg and put Bean’s half-brother Derek as the king. King Zøg is mercilessly taken by dementia. But Bean somehow finds a way to talk to him and is coronated as the new Queen, much to Odval’s disappointment. An army of ogres captures Elfo, who’s then taken away.

The fourth season will probably concentrate on Bean dealing with her responsibilities as the Queen. She is inevitably destined to face challenges that will test her patience and strength. She’d also have to discover a way to bring back Elfo, now trapped perhaps, a territory or colony occupied by Ogre Nation!

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