From waiting to see side effects to administering it immediately; here’s what these actors feel about the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine drive.

From waiting to see side effects to administering it immediately; here’s what these actors feel about the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine drive.

MUMBAI: 2020 has been a blur as most of the year has been spent sitting indoors, breathing through masks and sanitising every possible surface. Well, not anymore! The vaccine is out and the drive to administer it will start soon. Here is what these actors feel about the medicine! 

Adaa Khan : I think as responsible citizens, we all should take the vaccine and only then I guess we all can roam around freely, travel freely and meet people without hesitating too. I hope after this vaccine, we all will be able to live a normal life like before and I hope that this vaccine works around for everyone. First, I would really prefer that the people who really need this should receive it like frontline workers, 60+ aged individuals and then when it’s time for us, we should take it as well.   

Nishant Singh Malkhani : I’m really happy for all the health care workers who have been the frontline warriors against this pandemic. They will receive these vaccines first along with senior citizens and people with higher risks of infection. I am not yet too sure if I will take it but that’s because I feel I’m very young and have a strong immune system and a healthy lifestyle. I want to wait and see the side effects as well as the power of the medicine before I go in for it. 

Nilam Kenia : I am not really sure if I will take the vaccine or not. Any vaccine once developed takes years to show its effectiveness and side effects that come with it and I feel if one’s immunity is strong and one doesn’t really have underlying health issues. I don’t really see a need to take a vaccine but it also depends on what the authorities decide. So, I would first wait and watch before deciding anything on taking the vaccine. 

Nitin Gupta : I have attended the covid vaccine trials with special permission for researching a film, and realized that the Indian vaccines have yet to complete their phase 3 trial which is the most important step in proving efficacy. If the government mandates it then I will definitely take the vaccine, otherwise, I will wait till proper efficacy and safety results are out after completion of phase 3 trials and choose my vaccine accordingly. I know some of my doctor friends in the USA have taken their version of the vaccine safely. The Oxford vaccine seems promising, however. 

Vijayendra Kumeria : We all have been waiting for the vaccine and the drive will start soon. I want to take the vaccine but will have to be very sure about the results and how well it works and if there are any reactions etc. which we shall know only after it’s administered to the first lot. I am optimistic that it is safe and it works and gradually gets available to everyone. 

Aanushka Ramesh : The vaccine drive will start soon and I think it is essential for elderly and high risk people to take the vaccine. However, I personally might not take the vaccine yet. No one knows anything much regarding the potential side effects yet so I will wait and watch to see how effective it proves to be. I’m planning to focus more on building my immunity through a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercise etc. and continuing to take the necessary precautions. 

Zayn Khan : The vaccination will soon be available to us and I know a lot of people couldn’t be happier. I am also thrilled that the pandemic will end soon with the vaccine. However, I am a bit unsure if I will go for it or not as I am someone who makes sure to get to know everything about a medicine before taking it and, here, we have still not got all the information regarding this vaccine. I hope things are clear with time. 

Kettan Singh : I am so happy that the vaccine will be provided to us soon. My family and I have been so careful this entire time and I am thrilled that we will be able to finally take a medicine which will help us stay away from Covid-19 permanently. Of course, I would want that the vaccine is first given to the frontline workers and senior citizens as they are the ones who need it the most. 

Sharad Malhotra : This entire year has been very challenging for us as we have all been locked up indoors, scared of contracting Covid-19. I am happy that the vaccine will soon be available and we will be able to get out of this traumatic situation. I will be taking the vaccine but only after it has been provided to the frontline workers like doctors and nurses who are taking care of Covid patients. 

Mrunal Jain : I am very relieved to hear that we will get the vaccine soon. I have left no stone unturned to protect my family from this deadly virus and now I am happy that soon we have a permanent solution. I am so happy that thanks to the vaccine, this pandemic will end soon. 

Abhinandan Jindal : I am happy that we will have the vaccine soon but I am also concerned about its side effects. I am not sure what they will be and that is something which is making me unsure of whether to take it or not. 

Sucheeta Trivedi : I will research about the vaccine and if all is well then, yes, I will take it. But I am not taking it without doing proper research. And my first priority is my parents because they are old and they need the vaccine the most. 

Meera Deosthale : Well, it’s an amazing thing that they have come out with Covid vaccines so soon. Yet I am not sure if I will be up to take the vaccine right away or not. From whatever I have read, a vaccine is tested over the years before it’s finally safe to be given to people. Am sure they would have done all the testing for the Covid vaccine too but I will wait till we get to know that there are absolutely no side effects to the vaccine and it will for sure protect us from the Coronavirus. 

Rajesh Kumar : I will take the vaccine for sure but since I recovered from Corona, I don’t know because of the antibodies, I might not be a priority. But the vaccine is good as after so much research, it has come out and we should take it. I think it will take a long time to reach 130 crore people because my calculation is that it took 15 years to get the polio vaccine to reach each and every child and here we are talking about 130 crore people, so it will take a little longer period of time to reach everyone. So, unless the production of vaccine and the drive to reach everyone is really in force, it will take a very long time. 

Nivedita Basu : My husband just recently suggested that I get vaccinated once it arrives if I have to continue with all the work but I am not very excited about it or being the first person to get vaccinated. I think completely opposite to it and I am okay with my body fighting with the virus. It has actually a very faint chance that I might get vaccinated in the coming few days if it is launched because I am the person who doesn’t want to experiment on myself. I would rather wait for its success and wait for the news to come that the vaccine has helped in containing the virus then maybe I might take it, but at the moment, I am not very excited.  

Ajay Singh Chaudhary : It is very good news for the world that our scientists and the medical team have been able to make a vaccine for Covid-19 and I hope we all will be able to get out of this situation which we all are facing right now. I am going to take the vaccine for sure because of the way Covid has spread, I think it is very necessary for everyone to take the medicine. It is very scary to travel or go anywhere due to this pandemic spread. And yes, I wish it starts as early as possible with the people in preference first, especially the frontline workers.  

Suhuhii Joshii : It is great news that the vaccine drive is going to start soon and I am, of course, going to take it. When we were small, we used to get vaccinations for many diseases due to which we all are safe till now. So, I will definitely take the vaccine as it is what will protect us against this deadly virus. Right now, we are so scared when we step out of the house, or are travelling or shooting or doing any outdoor chores so maybe after the vaccine comes that fear will go away. 

Manit Joura : Firstly, I would like to congratulate everyone that finally the vaccine has come. Yes, it has come after a long time and it is a win-win situation. First, I think, health workers, security forces, aged people would be given the medicine and then the common people, which is great. But even after the vaccine, we should take proper precautions. I am taking proper precautions suggested by the government and I am not in a hurry to take the vaccine, I want to observe, see, read and know the experiences of those who take it. 

Rohit Chaudhary : It is a great initiative and I feel the doctors, nurses, security forces etc. deserve the vaccine first because they are the people who are important, as they are working in order to keep others safe. And yes, when it’s the time for others to take the vaccine, then we all should take it as well because it is safe for us. It took time to be made but it was necessary and I would advise everyone to take the vaccine.  

Pranitaa Pandit : I am super excited that finally it’s here and I am glad that we are not the ones who will have to wait for months after it is released. Though we are not the first ones but not the last ones at least. I am very happy about it and I am really looking forward to it, though I won’t be taking it immediately, but yes, I will be taking it in the near future. It is a nice initiative from the government’s side to make the certification in good speed and make sure it is safe for all of us to take. As it is coming out on a very auspicious day which is Makar Sankranti and I hope this year 2021 makes it normal for all of us like before. 

Malvi Malhotra : I am so glad that the vaccine for Covid-19 has come in the market and this will play a very important role to stop this pandemic and provide us protection. The government has already said that people, who are at a higher risk, will be given priority so all these frontline workers, health workers, doctors and also the old aged people who are above 50 years will be administered the vaccine first. I can wait till the vaccine is available for everyone in the market and I would wish everyone to be safe.

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