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Kayleigh McEnany Says Trump ‘Supports Life,’ And It Didn’t Go So Well

Kayleigh McEnany Says Trump 'Supports Life,' And It Didn't Go So Well

‘The three weeks he was in the hospital were agonizing.’

“Our dad and our mom&rsquo;s husband, Paul J. Foley Jr. was an active, healthy 77-year-old who likely caught COVID-19 while doing his civic duty as a judge of elections in Chicago on March 17. This photo was the last one taken of my dad, just days before he got sick. He went into the hospital on March 28 and died on April 17 after three weeks on a ventilator. The three weeks he was in the hospital were agonizing with ups and downs every day. Our only contact was through FaceTime and telephone calls, except at the end when we knew he was dying and our mom and my sister and brother were fortunate enough to be able to see him one last time. <br><br>Our dad greeted everyone with a smile, could talk to anyone, and loved to tease, always looking to kid around with you. He was a risk-taker, willing to ride the highest roller coaster or brave the wildest rapids, and just before he died, he went skydiving at iFLY, something he always wanted to do.<br><br>Since his death, we have not been able to hold a proper memorial service. We have not been able to grieve together as a family. Why? Because we are afraid of COVID. For our family to travel across the country could put us and others at risk. We do not wish this kind of pain upon anyone. We wear masks. We believe the science. We look out for one another. Our dad taught us more patience, less intolerance; empathy and action over indifference; respect not dishonor; humility over arrogance; selflessness not selfishness; and honesty instead of deceit. Sadly, the current administration brazenly does not hold these same values.” –<i> Christine from Illinois, who wrote this along with her siblings Kerry, Paul and Jill, and their mother, Judy</i>

Chris Foley-Priester

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