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Disenchantment Season 3: More Updates Regarding The Cast, Plot And Release Date For Fans. – Crossover 99

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All about the third season of Disenchantment

After much success in more than 30 seasons of The Simpsons, Matt Groening migrated to Netflix. The result was the animated series Desencanto, which was initially criticized but was loved by subscribers. After a long wait, Netflix confirmed when the new episodes arrive. Well, here’s everything we know about the third season.

The animation was originally released in 2018, the series is part of Netflix’s new adult animations. Created by Josh Weinstein and Matt Groenning, the series takes place in a medieval era, in which wars, kingdoms, elves, and princesses are common.

When does Season 3 premiere on Netflix?

Despite constant delays, Netflix has confirmed that the new season of the series arrives on January 15th. It is worth mentioning that the pandemic is the main reason for the series’ delay. Initially, it was estimated that the new year would arrive at some point in the second half of 2020.

The plot of Disenchantment

Princess Tiabeanie, ‘Bean’, is irritated by her impending arranged marriage to Prince Merkimer. So she meets Luci, a demon, and Elf, an elf, and things get quite exciting and dangerous.

Despite the duty to call, the princess only thinks about drinking. Bean beside his new friends is a free spirit who exasperates, scolds, and even kills. All with the approval of Elf and his demon.

What will happen in season 3?

As we saw in the last episodes, a scientist appears in the Land of Dreams, he is considered with suspicion. But Bean helps him escape and travels with him to a wonderful steampunk city.

With King Zøg disabled, Odval plays a power game, aided by Arch Druidess. Luci and Elf try to help Bean.

What is the cast of Season 3 of Disenchantment?

Many of the characters in the second part will be back in the next episodes. With that, the actors who voice the characters are confirmed. Thus, they will be present: Abbi Jacobson as Bean, Eric Andre as Luci, the Demon, and Nat Faxon as Elf.

Other recurring characters are expected to return: Maurice LaMarche as Odval, John DiMaggio as King Zog, Billy West as Sorcerio, and Tress Mac Neille as Queen Oona.

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