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Eijaz Khan: Want to go back to Bigg Boss 14 and win the trophy for my fans

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Owing to a prior shoot commitment, Eijaz Khan had to exit the Bigg Boss 14 house on Monday. The makers of the reality show have therefore brought back Devoleena Bhattacharjee to play the game as a proxy on his behalf. However, the actor is quite positive about getting back on the reality show after he’s wrapped up his shoot.

In an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com, Eijaz Khan opened up about his Bigg Boss journey, whether his exit-comeback is unfair for other contestants, his relationship with Pavitra Punia and more.

Here are excerpts from the conversation.

How are you feeling being out of the Bigg Boss 14 house?

I am doing great. I am still processing that I am not in the house. Right now, I have stepped into Wasim Khan’s character, and am thankful to God that I managed to do my scenes well, otherwise I would have been shattered. I can say that I am actually happy.

Since you mention Wasim Khan, it means you are shooting for City of Dreams 2. However, couldn’t it wait?

The producers have been very kind and cooperative and if it wasn’t the last resort, they wouldn’t have ever driven me out of the house. Right now also, they are being sweet and pampering me completely. I had already shot for more than 60 percent of my scenes, and they would have to replace me and re-shoot the whole thing if I didn’t come now. I couldn’t do this to them. Honestly, I already feel I have won the trophy receiving so much love from fans, but now I want to go back to the house and win it for them.

What do you have to say about Devoleena Bhattacharjee entering the house as your proxy? 

She has been in Bigg Boss and has even followed the season, so there’s that advantage. Devoleena is not going to play my game, she will play on her own.  However, there are people in the house who love and respect me, and I am sure they will take care of her, given she is my proxy.

There is also a section of the audience that feels the ‘proxy’ and your ‘re-entry’ is quite unfair, given you will have an undue advantage of getting all updates. What’s your take on it?

Honestly, I haven’t seen any episode as I really don’t have time. And frankly, I don’t even want to influence my views by watching the show. I want to go back to the house as the same Eijaz, as I came out. Also, Jasmin had Aly come in to support her, while Rubina and Abhinav have always had each other. I was the only one playing the game alone. I remember, when Pavitra came in as a guest, and I got to hold her hands for a few minutes, it gave me a new life. So you understand how important it is to have someone around. That way, I was the one who did not have the advantage like other people. That was also unfair.

In the last few weeks, you have been accused of playing a victim in creating false narratives. Would you like to clarify your stand?

If they feel that, I think that’s their problem. Yes, I may overshare sometimes but I have chosen to be an open book now. I want the world to know my real personality. I want all the false perceptions to get shattered. I understand I am not perfect but I want to be comfortable with myself. That’s the only way I can love myself, and let others love me too.

Talking about love, where do you see your relationship with Pavitra Punia heading towards?

Let’s just say we are going in the right direction, hand in hand.

You opened up about the tragic incident in your childhood. Did that take a toll on you in the show?

Honestly, I am yet to deal with it. In the show, I was triggered and poked about it. But I learnt that I shouldn’t just react to it. I chose to pause, take a moment, and let it go. I knew they wanted me to break down. And I was not going to give them that satisfaction.

What has been your biggest learning from Bigg Boss 14?

(Laughs) Where do I start? The topmost learning has been that the real journey is inward, the rest just follows. Also, life is very simple and we tend to complicate it. It’s fragile, so don’t waste time. Do speak your mind, be righteous, take a stand. Don’t be a spectator of life, instead, live it.

Lastly, will you be making a comeback on the show?

Right now, I am being Wasim Khan and focussing on that. We are trying to wrap things as soon as we can but there are other actors also involved. I will go back as soon as I can.

The Bigg Boss 14 house currently hosts Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Aly Goni, Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli, Rakhi Sawant, Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Sonali Phogat.

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