Home TechnologyTech News TourBox Neo is the graphic design editing controller that finally gets it all right

TourBox Neo is the graphic design editing controller that finally gets it all right

TourBox Neo is the graphic design editing controller that finally gets it all right

TLDR: The TourBox Neo offers ultimate control with unprecedented speed over your digital media creative projects that puts a standard keyboard to shame.

Watching Eddie Van Halen’s fingers work magic as he plays Eruption is amazing. Seeing Tiger Woods wield a golf club like it’s an extension of himself is awe-inspiring. And believe it or not, elite craftsmen of every type perform equally impressive feats of creation all the time. 

For example, if you’ve ever watched a master editor cut video or brilliantly punch up a photo, then you know there’s an artistry and talent at work that few possess. But just like Van Halen needed his Frankenstein guitar or Tiger needs his TaylorMade clubs, a top-flight editor needs the right tools to properly express their genius.

For media creators, the TourBox Neo ($127.50 with code VDAY2021 from TNW Deals) could be that elite instrument, a virtual editing Excalibur that is primed to help good editors be great and great editors be their absolute best.

Rather than settling for a traditional mouse or even a keyboard, the TourBox Neo is a handheld controller that fully optimizes the editing process for any user of graphic media editing software.

This desktop controller features 14 different switches, knobs, dials and buttons, each with the ability to perform the editing task you need done the way you want to do it. The entire unit is programmable, so depending on your program, the knob can be used to control the size, flow, transparency and hardness of the brush in drawing software like Clip Studio Paint; or to control the speed of your footage for video editing with an app like Final Cut Pro.

Once users get familiar with a TourBox in their hand, the controller begins like second nature, precisely calibrated for ideal speed, accuracy, and acceleration, with an ergonomic hands-on layout that allows for quick access to all your most commonly used controls. Whether it’s digital painting, designing, photo editing, or video editing, shortcuts and multi-button combinations can make tasks less difficult, happen more quickly, and generally improve your overall creative experience.

TourBox is designed for use with a mouse or a tablet and syncs with more than a dozen of the most popular digital creation programs, including the Adobe Creative Suite. From image editing work in Lightroom and Photoshop to video projects in Premiere to graphic design and art pieces in Illustrator and InDesign, TourBox has a configuration to get the most out of the app — and yourself. TourBox also works with many other creative aid apps, including Final Cut Pro, Capture One, Clip Studio Paint, Comic Studio, DaVinci and more in both Windows and Mac OS systems.

Regularly $190, the TourBox Neo is now available at 15 percent off the already discounted price as part of TNW Deals’ Valentine’s Day sale. When you enter the code VDAY2021 during checkout, you can drop your final price down to just $127.50.

Prices are subject to change.

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