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Vh1 Drops T.I. And Tiny Harris’ Show Following Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct – What’s Next?

T.I. and Tiny Harris

Tiny Harris and T.I. are in the headlines on a regular basis, but it’s rare that they’re the target of media reporting when the reasons are as negative as this. In case you haven’t been following the news surrounding the celebrity couple, the rapper and his R&B artist wife have been put on blast for sexual abuse allegations.

Jezebel reported this week, in fact, that Vh1 temporarily shut down the production of their show, T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle as a result of the sexual abuse allegations levied by a woman named Sabrina Peterson.

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Page Six was the first outlet to report on the news of the show’s temporary suspension. Insiders who spoke with Deadline claimed the couple and executives over at MTV Entertainment both agreed it would be a good idea to put the show on hold for now.

A spokesperson for the company claimed they have since spoken with an investigator who is looking into the charges against the couple. They want to ensure that all appropriate action is taken and all relevant information related to the accusations are brought to light.


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In their statement, MTV succinctly stated that due to the “serious nature of the allegations,” they had chosen to temporarily take the show off the air and no longer produce episodes.

As it was previously reported, Sabrina Peterson, a woman who used to work alongside the couple, claimed they had abused women via drugging, assaulting, trafficking, and other very nefarious and illicit acts. T.I. and Tiny Harris responded by saying the claims were “appalling.”

In a statement to the hip-hop news outlet, Complex, Tiny Harris and T.I. said they were denying the stories of Peterson in every way imaginable and as strongly as possible.

Harris and T.I then went on to say they’ve been dealing with Sabrina Peterson for over ten years. There is a history between them, and the couple says if she doesn’t stop slandering them, there will be legal action taken. This all comes after the sexual assault allegations against Marilyn Manson as well.



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