Home Entertainment Untold stories of &TV Crime Series MAUKA-E-VARDAAT

Untold stories of &TV Crime Series MAUKA-E-VARDAAT

tv crime show mauka e vardaat

In 2021, &TV’s new programming line-up offered an interesting mix of untold and unheard stories presented in the Hindi GEC space for the first time. Each unique storyline gave the viewers the flavour of varied emotions, comedy, drama, and dhamkedaar entertainment. And Mauka-e-Vardaat was also one of them.

A riveting weekday crime series unravelling the mysteries of the most inconceivable crimes
Launched in March 2021, Mauka-E-Vardaat’, a riveting weekday crime series, presented extraordinary tales of impossible crimes that challenged imagination and left one speechless.

The show featured several famous faces, including Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan, Sapna Choudhary and Mona Singh as the sutradhaars. Raising the thrill quotient several notches up with fantasy crimes and supervillains, &TV launched, ‘Mauka-E-Vardaat – Operation Vijay’ airing from September 27th, featuring chilling stories of fantasy supervillains with supernatural powers committing mind-boggling crimes against humankind. ‘Operation Vijay’ is a special task force of the sharpest, bravest, and jaanbaaz police officers to combat these ferocious criminals and their incredibly shocking, unearthly powers. It featured well-known actors, comprising Aman Verma, Chetan Hansraj, Tanya Abrol, Piyush Sahdev, Sonali Nikam, Ankit Arora, Aishwarya Raj Bakhuni, Dawood Khan, Ansha Sayed, among others, along with a special expert and enlightened genius, aptly called Newton Chattopadhyay, played by Narendra Gupta.

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