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Best 5 ‘It’s Okay’ Points ‘Dear Zindagi’ Gave Us

Top 5 ‘It’s Okay’ Points ‘Dear Zindagi’ Gave Us

1. It is okay to bicker over small issues in friendship, just learn to maintain it

Friends are a naive realization, but the truest ones are the rarest. Kaira was a girl, lucky enough to have a flock of besties to be her backbone. Constantly supporting her with her perception and helping her make the best of decisions though it was through a bit of fights.

It is guiltless to say Kaira would never have made it to where she is today without Jug’s therapy, Fatty Jackie, and Ganju’s support and Kiddo’s love.

2. It is okay to choose the easier way sometimes

Choosing the easier to run the rat race won’t say that we have run less than the ones taking the difficult way to success. “Aasan rasta kyun nahi chun sakte? Kya burai hai usme? Khaaskar ki jab hum uss mushkil ka saamna karne ke liye taiyaar hi nahi.”

In the case of Kaira, after the heart rendering breakup it was pretty difficult for her to choose between emotionalism and professionalism. Moreover, it was subjected to her emerging career further.

3. It is okay to outflow our emotions because that will not make us weak

The best alternative to being sunken in the seas of sorrow, is to let your heart out. Free and frank to all without the slightest grief enclosed. “Khul kar ro nahi sakogi toh khul kar hass kaise paogi?”

It was never easy for her to muster enough of courage to counter her parents with series of displeasing facts. But instead of getting morally down, she used the frustration as a shield to her discomforts.

4. It is okay to be selective in choosing our memories

Straight from the birth, we are exposed to limitless situations. Wherein the happy ones can be limited and the sad ones countless.

Similar to that, Kaira’s the dreadful nightmares had a greater power to pull down the confidence bar. From giving out the best within. And so the most appropriate solution is to choose out the sweet memories and give up the bitter ones.

5. It is okay to have a bitter past, but that must not destroy our future

All our reminiscence of nostalgia need not be soothing. There are some drawbacks that leave an unhealed wound and may tend to be the cause of curse in the later future. To overcome these thresholds and enter into a new phase, it is an utter necessity to let go the past humiliations and pursue for our future and dreams.

In Jug’s language “Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future.”

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