Home EntertainmentTV KBC 12’s ‘fourth crorepati’ Dr. Neha Shah failed to answer THIS question worth Rs. 7 Crores, READ ON

KBC 12’s ‘fourth crorepati’ Dr. Neha Shah failed to answer THIS question worth Rs. 7 Crores, READ ON

KBC 12's 'fourth crorepati' Dr. Neha Shah failed to answer THIS question worth Rs. 7 Crores, READ ON

MUMBAI: The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 12 began with roll-over contestant Dr. Neha Sharma, who hails from Mumbai and belongs to a family of doctors. She dreams of opening her own clinic one day and conducts small camps which she can build on her own and does not wish to take a loan for it. 

Neha is a big Bachchan fan and during the last episode, she expressed her feelings for him. Big B started the episode by asking Neha if she spoke to her father and what advice did he give her. She shared that her father, who is left-handed, told her that he is her right hand.

After hearing this, Big B shared with Neha that he himself was left-handed till the age of 4 and his father asked him to stop writing with his left hand. While now, he writes with his right hand, eats and does the rest of the other things using his left hand.

He even went on to share while playing cricket, he bats by using right hand and bowl left-handed. He stated now it all has got mixed-up and he can write with both his hands.

Neha then dedicated a song ‘Jiska Mujhe Tha Intezaar’ for Mr Bachchan and even told him ‘I love You’. When Big B asked her if it is for her Mr Right she denied and said that it is for him. When Mr Bachchan further tells her that he’s already taken, she disappointedly expressed that he should have waited for her.

Neha had already won Rs 6,40,000 and Big B presented the first question for Rs 12,50,000 in front of her. She answered the question accurately without any help.

Neha got stuck on the next question for Rs 25,00,000 and took the help of ‘Video Call A Friend’ and got the answer right. 

She used the next lifeline ‘Flip The Question’ for Rs 50,00,000 and managed to answer the next question rightly. The question was: Which poet is credited as the lyricist of the song “My Heart is Beating” from the 1975 film Julie? The options were – A) Harindranath Chattopadhyay B) Sarojini Naidu C) Rabindranath Tagore D) Nissim Ezekiel.

The correct answer to the question was – A) Harindranath Chattopadhyay.

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While answering the question, Neha kept singing the song looking at Mr. Bachchan which made him say that usually contestants are worried about the answer and engrossed in their thoughts, but Neha is creating a romantic angle with me here. He laughed over the same.

Mr. Bachchan then presented the Rs. 1 Crore question in front of Neha and she had the most important lifeline ‘Ask The Expert’ which she utilised to answer the question. She got the answer right with the help of the expert and became the ‘Fourth Crorepati’ of the season. 

However, Neha could not answer the Rs. 7 Crore question and decided to quit the show with Rs. 1 Crore. The question for Rs. 7 Crore was: The historic Indo-Pak talks of 1972 between Indira Gandhi and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto were held at which place in Shimla? The options for the same were – A) Viceregal Lodge B) Gorton Castle C) Barnes Court D) Cecil Hotel…and it’s correct answer was: C) Barnes Court.

After Neha’s exit, Big B played Fastest Finger First and Rahul Yadav from Gurugram (Haryana) sat on the hot seat after winning the round. He is a software engineer and works for a private company. 

In his introduction video, Rahul shared that during the lockdown, he did all the household chores as his wife got stuck at her maternal home and now he has started respecting housewives evermore.

Big B resumed the game with Rahul and the latter had a tough time dealing with the questions. He exhausted his three lifelines to reach the Rs. 10,000 landmark. 

During the game, Big B discussed with Rahul about work from home and asked if he wears shorts under a blazer and shirt during official video calls. Mr. Bachchan shared his own experience and stated that if given a chance and if there were not 32 cameras on the sets of KBC 12, even he would have preferred to do the show in shorts. He even says that he does a lot of facetime and has to be careful with his hair and clothes.

Rahul won Rs 1,60,000 and decided to quit the show as he was not aware of the answer to the Rs. 3,20,000 question.

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Credit: Bombay Times

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