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Light on STEM toys this year? These kits can get a kid fully engaged in learning again

Light on STEM toys this year? These kits can get a kid fully engaged in learning again

TLDR: These seven kits are all designed to spark STEM learning and get a kid engaged in science, engineering, robotics, and more. And they’re each now an extra 20 percent off.

If you noticed a whole bunch of video games and action figures under the tree this year for the kid in your life, that might mean there was a bit of a hole in the gift-giving this time around. 

Of course a kid wants to have fun. But are they going to be learning anything while they’re at it?

In case your kid’s stash came up a little short in the intellectually stimulating department, you might want to consider one of these STEM toys to help balance the load. On top of already healthy savings, you can also knock an additional 20 percent off your price by using the code HOLIDAY20 during checkout.

1. Crowtail STEAM Educational Basic Starter Kit (with Microbit Board and Tutorial)

For a junior builder, this a fun collection to launch the pursuits. With these 12 modules and a host of connectors, this kit comes with detailed instructions for building 17 different projects step-by-step. Kids can craft a working telegraph machine, a magnet detector, a timekeeper and more.

Get the Crowtail STEAM Educational Basic Starter Kit for $52.80 after promo code HOLIDAY20 (Reg. $74).

2. DIY Drone Builder Kit

This drone is so do-it-yourself that builders actually will craft pieces out of cardboard or everyday items. Meanwhile, the drone itself is powered through conductive silver ink, turning almost anything into a possible drone component. Once it’s built, all any pilot needs is the free mobile app and they’re ready to take to the skies.

Get the DIY Drone Builder Kit for $23.98 (Reg. $99).

3. DIY Robotic Art Kit for Ages 5 to 8

Here’s where art and high tech intersect. Using traditional art supplies like paints, markers, and different canvases teamed up with magnetized motors, fans, and other electronic aides, kids can create all kinds of art projects, like spin art, a robot that draws on its own, or even a confetti machine. Geared to younger children, this set is the perfect introduction to coding and robotics.

Get the DIY Robotic Art Kit for Ages 5 to 8 for $29.97 (Reg. $69).

4. DIY Robotic Curiosity Kit for Ages 7 to 10

As kids get a little order, the intricacy increases with this invention kit full of hands-on experiments exploring the concepts that fuel robotics building. Using electronic blocks and crafts materials that are even compatible with Legos, inquisitive minds can start building loads of interesting items. From a parking sensor to a buzzer, from a sound sensor to a bargraph, kids get everything they need to put together fun, mind-expanding creations.

Get the DIY Robotic Curiosity Kit for Ages 7 to 10 for $69.97 (Reg. $119).

5. DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12

Once again, the learning ramps up, this time introducing young learners to the essentials of computer programming. Using Jumpstart coding, kids dig into to start building cool real world objects, each driven by code they created themselves. What kid wouldn’t be impressed after creating their own banana piano? That’s just one of the cool projects in this kit.

Get the DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12 for $54.97 (Reg. $99.99).

6. SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi 4

For the kid who loves RC cars, this kit will have them building one of their own. Using a Raspberry Pi microcomputer as its robotic brain, this open-source robot learning kit walks young builders through the steps of building their own PiCar-V in just a few hours. Kids can then drive it via mobile device or let it run on its own with obstacle avoidance sensors and a line following feature.

Get the SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi 4 for $83.96 after promo code HOLIDAY20 (Reg. $115)

7. DIY Building Block STEM Drone

For kids 6 to 10, get ‘em outside while still making them think with this STEM drone that they’ll build themselves. Of course, they better pick up some of the included aerodynamics and load balancing principles included as well or it’s going to be a short flight. Then once they figure out the building part, the real fun begins when it actually gets into the air.

Get the DIY Building Block STEM Drone for $40.00 after promo code HOLIDAY20 (Reg. $129)

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