Masterchef Australia Season 13 Elimination: Winner Revealed

Masterchef Australia Season 13

Masterchef Australia Season 13 comes towards the finale as the contestants grapple for finalists’ spots. The sensational cooking reality show featured the best of Australia’s home cooks and the top 4 contestants remain. Linda, Sabina, and Tommy were among the last promising contestants to be eliminated.

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The race to the top 3 of Masterchef Australia Season 13 intensifies. A shocking elimination took place during the episode on the 6th of July 2021. Linda, a promising cook who was the first to enter the Masterchef Australia Season 13 finals was eliminated. She was in the bottom two along with Sabina in the previous episode. However, Sabina was eliminated in that episode which featured the intense challenge.

Masterchef Australia Season 13 Top 3 Finalists

Pete, Justin, Elise, and Kishwar are the top four contestants of Masterchef Australia Season 13. However, there are high chances of Elise or Kishwar failing to make the cut to the top three. The odds are in favor of Pete, Justin, and Elise for the top three of Masterchef Australia Season 13.

Masterchef Australia Season 13 Winner

Justin Narayan

According to Reports, Justin Narayan is the winner of Masterchef Australia Season 13. However, the official information will be revealed after the finale episode.

Masterchef Australia Season 13 Runner-Up

According to betting odds, Pete will be the runner-up of Masterchef Australia Season 13.

Masterchef Australia Season 13 Eliminations This Week

The Depinder’s elimination triggered a massive disappointment among the audience. After the exit of the promising cook, her best friend from the show – Tommy was eliminated. The string of eliminations kept the finalists of Masterchef Australia Season 13 on their toes.

However, the society challenge saw a disappointing end to the journey of the young cook, Sabina. Linda was eliminated from the pressure test. However, an epic finale cook-off will be a treat to watch amidst the spoilers.

  • Depinder
  • Tommy
  • Sabina
  • Linda


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  1. I still miss the original three judges who take the pains to coach during their rounds . The current ones behave like time keepers and just ask amd paraphrase whatever the contestants say. There is a lot of “semantic food drivel” comments from one that sometimes have no objective meaning at all. I somehow think the outcome of the top finalists will be very different if the judges and rules were different.