BTS’ VMin’s acrostic poems and Namseok’s handsome blue & yellow suit selcas were the highlights of Hobi’s Bday

BTS' VMin's acrostic poems and Namseok's handsome blue & yellow suit selcas were the highlights of Hobi's Bday

BTS members posted adorable wishes for Jhope on his birthday today. You can check out their sweet wishes below.

Happy Birthday, J-Hope! Bangtan”s sunshine rapper and dancer turns 27 years old today (28 according to Korean age). BTS members are quite close to one another, after having spent their formative years tackling various hardships and difficulties. So it is no surprise that they genuinely care for one another and celebrate each other’s birthdays with cake, acrostic poems, and celebrations. ARMY too loves the brotherhood between the members and enthusiastically participates in the members’ birthday celebrations. ARMY trended ‘Happy Jhope Day’, ‘Happy Birthday Jhope’, and ‘Our Hope Day’ on various SNS platforms to show their love for Hobi. Check out BTS’s adorable birthday messages for Hobi.

Namjoon was the first member to post birthday greetings for Hobi. He posted handsome selcas of them twinning in dark blue and mango yellow coloured suits, looking gorgeous. The pictures were accompanied by a message, “Hobi Hobi JayHobi Happy bday.” Suga’s post came next with a sweet and simple message, “hobi hobi!! happy happy bday!!” Jin’s message wrapped up the greetings from the hyung line. He posted a simple hand-written note which read, “Hey J-Hope Happy birthday to you.” I can hear Jin say this in his voice. Next up were the chaotic maknae line duo Jimin and V, who posted a series of rather funny and adorable acrostic poems.

Jimin wrote, according to a translation provided by choi_bts2, “Jung- ‘Jung (affection)’ is a mind you feel love or familiarity

Ho- ‘Hogishim (curiosity)’ is a mind you like or want to know something new or novel

Seok- ‘Seokjinie’ is a pure guy who has lots of affection & curiosity.”

Taehyung wrote, according to a translation provided by choi_bts2, “Jung: Jungmal Kuenil Ineyo Eowoo (It’s a big problem ehwoo

Ho : Hoseok-Ssi, Chi-gwa Jaju.. (You should come to Dental clinic often

Seok: Seok ssion (Suction).”

You can check out VMin’s acrostic poems below:

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Meanwhile, BE: Essential Edition releases tomorrow, i.e. February 19. The album is said to be dedicated to ARMY, who have stood by BTS through thick and thin.

ARMY, do you like VMin’s acrostic poems? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below.

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