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Prison Break Season 6: Netflix release date, filming… Will the sequel arrive soon? –

Prison Break Season 6: Netflix release date, filming… Will the sequel arrive soon? -

The Netflix show for January did not announce the release of new episodes of Prison Break. The streaming giant has always liked to reserve a few surprises for its subscribers. The new adventures of the two brothers are shorter than usual because the fifth season only consists of nine episodes against twenty-four of the previous one. The American channel that decided to continue the series preferred not to take too much risk. The main objective was to get the public to respond, eleven years after the last episode of the fourth season was broadcast. Also, season 6 of Prison Break will soon be published on Netflix?

We reveal all the information we currently have about season 6 of Prison Break: release date, filming, casting, renewal …

The fifth season premiered in 2021 on Netflix but first aired in 2017 in the United States. The success was very mixed as just under four million Americans were present in front of their television. Then viewerships plummeted to 2.3 million for the ninth episode. It is then a very bad sign for Prison Break season 6 because the producers rely almost exclusively on this criterion to seal the fate of their fictions.

When the first season aired in 2005 on Fox, each episode averaged ten million viewers. Exceptional audiences necessarily led to the renewal of the series. The American channel decided to end the story of the two brothers at the end of the fourth season, which attracted only five million onlookers.

Unlike its many original productions, Netflix will not be able to choose to produce season 6 of Prison Break. The streaming giant has simply acquired the rights to upload the episodes to its catalog, but that doesn’t give it the ability to control the fate of Lincoln and Michael.

Is the release date of Prison Break season 6 already planned by Netflix?

Dominic Purcell (Lincoln) had announced on his social media that despite disappointing audiences, Prison Break season 6 will be ordered … but on Netflix! The US channel is currently in negotiations with the streaming platform to sell the series. We explained previously that it was not Netflix that decided to renew Prison Break and well, that could change very soon.

Therefore, the future of fiction is currently in the hands of the American company and we believe that the audiences for the fifth season will be decisive. You’ll have to wait at least a month or two before you know if Netflix will announce the release date for Prison Break season 6 soon. To measure the success of the series, you can periodically check the ranking of the most viewed content on the platform.

Filming has not yet started at the moment and one of the main actors has announced some very bad news. Wentworth Miller has stated that he will consistently refuse to reprise his role as he no longer wishes to play heterosexual characters. We believe that without Michael Scofield the season 6 of Prison Break will never see the light of day on Netflix. Maybe the writers will bring Michael out of the closet in the next few episodes, but that would be surprising.

Waiting for an official announcement that will confirm or not the release date of Prison Break season 6 on Netflix Please note that The New Adventures of Sabrina will not have a season 5 as the series has been canceled.

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