Capitol rioter’s attorney claims he has to ‘deprogram’ his client from ‘cult leader’ Trump

Capitol rioter’s attorney claims he has to ‘deprogram’ his client from ‘cult leader’ Trump

Garrett Miller’s attorney Clint Broden appeared on Cuomo Prime Time, Tuesday evening. Miller has been charged with his involvement in the assault on the US Capitol, as well as making death threats towards congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Broden claims his client was manipulated by former president Donald Trump.

“I have referred to him as a cult leader,” said Broden. “Donald Trump was a cult leader. You have somebody like Garrett Miller, who is not very politically involved, hadn’t even voted much earlier in life, loses his job and gets focused on the internet and you have, as I said, a cult leader telling him to do X, Y and Z to protect the country.”

Trump recently became the first president to be impeached twice, due to his alleged involvement in inciting an insurrection. Broden claims his client was manipulated by Trump. Miller has since apologized for his threats towards Ocasio-Cortez, but Broden says he still needs time away from Trump’s rhetoric.

“That’s what cult leaders do,” said Broden. “They prey on vulnerable people. And not to excuse what Miller did, as you said, his comments are vile, disgusting, what have you. But without going into attorney-client privilege, I’m having some discussions with him and really we’re trying to deprogram him.”

Trump’s constant rhetoric has led to him being banned on most mainstream social media platforms, and Broden hopes the lack of exposure to Trump will help his client.

“The more he gets removed from Trump,” said Broden, “The more he is removed from the vitriol of Facebook and Twitter, he is going back to the Miller that his family remembers.”

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