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Every Common Chicken Location in Fortnite Season 6

Chicken (Image via Epic Games)

Wildlife has been a huge topic for Fortnite, and even the small, hard-to-catch chickens roam freely.

The introduction of wildlife in Fortnite has given players several more functions and tasks to do in-game. The best thing about wildlife is, being able to tame many of the animals and use them for personal leverage on everyone else. Otherwise, animals are used to craft other weapons and tools to use in the new season. One of the many animals players needs is the chicken. Though these guys are hard to catch sometimes!

Chickens are fast and almost impossible to catch, so, below is a list of the most common chicken locations.

Common Chicken Fortnite Locations

Colossal Crop

One of the best things about Fortnite is that animals spawn in locations that they can normally be found in real life. Like the wolves being in mountains and forested areas, and boars being in cropped fields and such, chickens are no different as they can be found mainly on farms. One of the biggest areas is the Colossal Crop POI, there are several chickens per match and it makes it the easiest and best place to get a chicken.

Steel’s Farm

The only issue with going to Colossal Crop is that a lot of other players land there also, it’s Battle Royale after all. So, dodge a few enemies, then head over to Steel’s Farm. This is a smaller landmark, east of Colossal Crop, and is essentially just a farm. There’s typically anywhere from 1 to 3 chickens here in a given match.

Other Locations

In general, chickens are best found in “populated” areas, making it easier for players to come across them. Any POI in Fortnite can have chicken spawns, but in general the ones on this list are the best. Other locations such as Pleasant Park are also good places to search. But if players want to be on the safe side, searching anywhere in the Autumnal Biome is the best place to search.

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Published 05 Apr 2021, 00:24 IST

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