Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 5.4 Gearing Guide

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers 5.4 has a lot of new content. New main story quests, Eden Promise raid, Emerald Weapon, and also a lot of new gears and glamours. If you just reach the level cap or just return to the game after a break, this gearing guide will help you to get the latest weapon in-game.

Edenmete Gear – ilvl 510

Started with the lowest ilvl but also the easiest to get, Edenmete gear in my opinion has the coolest design from what I have seen on all Eden Raids gear. To get this gear you need to unlock Eden Promise raids, talk to Yalfort NPC in Amh Araeng (X: 26 Y: 16), and take chain quests starting from “Empty Promise”. After all the quests completed you will unlock 4 Eden Promise raids. You can get 1 token per week for each raid clear. The token you get from raids can be exchanged for Edenmete Gear. Just go to Eulmore (X: 10 Y: 11) and talk to Yhal Yal NPC to get your gear.

Exarchic Gear – ilvl 510 (Crafted Gear)

Exarchic gear is better than Edenmete gear. You might wonder why? Because Exarchic gear can get Penta meld. If you just reach 80 and really want to catch up with gear, this gear is the fastest way to go. You can just buy it at Marketboard and boost your item level to 510 instantly. Also, I recommend buying the HQ (high quality) gear not the NQ (normal quality) one, simply because the HQ has better status and the NQ not worth buying. Other ways to get this gear is to craft it by yourself or ask a friend to craft it for you.

Emerald Weapons – ilvl 515

Emerald Weapons start almost the same as Exarchic weapon, but only if you penta meld your Exarchic weapon. If you want to save some ffxiv gil or you like the design of the Emerald Weapon, it is a good option to get this weapon. To get this weapon you need to unlock “Castrum Marinum (Extreme)”, and start the chain quest “Blood of Emerald” by talking to Resistance Officer in The Lochs (X: 11 Y: 22). Each Castrum Marinum (Extreme) you clear will give you 1 random Emerald weapon and 1 token (Emerald Totem) that you can exchange to C’intana NPC in Mor Dhona (X: 22 Y: 6).

Cryptlurker’s Gear – ilvl 520

Capping Tomestone of Revelation will be the key to get this Cryptlurker’s gear. Note that you can only get 450 Tomestone of Revelation each week. You can cap them each week with duty roulette, or doing end game content. But the most efficient way to cap your Tomestone of Revelation is by doing The Hunt Train. You can get an easy tomestone cap by doing 3 to 5 A-Rank Trains. To exchange your tomestones for gear, you can go to Eulmore (X: 10 Y: 11) and talk to Aymark.

Edenmorn Gear – ilvl 530

The last and current best gear at 5.4 we got Edenmorn gear. This gear is only for players that are interested in tackling the hardest FFXIV PvE content: Eden’s Promise (Savage). Don’t forget this is the strongest content, so if you fail in this duty don’t stress it. There is also a weekly loot limitation so you get only 1 token from each raid, but the boss here will also drop 1-3 Edenmorn gear that you can roll between your party member. To exchange your token into Edenmorn gear, you can talk to Yhal Yal NPC in Eulmore (X: 10 Y: 11).

New Glamours

Like all big patches, there will be a new cool glamour set for you to collect and wear.

First, the Calfskin’s Rider Set that can be crafted by Leatherworker. This set makes you look like Biker and a really good match with SDS Fenrir mount.

Next, the Demon weapon glamour-half red and white combination makes this glamour really cool. This glamour can be bought from Marketboard or you can also craft it. The main material for this glamour is Zurvanite Carapace Fragment that you can get from killing Zurvan in Containment Bay Z1T9 (Extreme).

The last one is a Casual set, a simple and casual glamour just like the name. You can get this from playing the Kupo of Fortune mini-game in the Firmament. Another way to get this set is buying it from Marketboard or

I hope this guide helps you to gear up faster, and thank you for reading this article.

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