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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Review. Is It Worth Your Time and money?


The wait is finally over. The new Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC, is here, and it’s great. It’s more Cuphead, a couple of great new twists, some of the best boss battles, and new artistic twists for a pretty cheap price. It is an incredibly challenging platformer that is super well-made and really enjoyable. It is incredibly unique from art, animation, to music. There’s nothing else like it. And that makes it worth playing and worth struggling through. If you love the original then this is just what you were waiting for.


The DLC consists of a new map and a bunch of beautiful, extremely tightly designed boss battles. Every single one is completely unique and downright surprising, from their look, to their move set, to their phases, you will be consistently shocked. There are six all new bosses that will put your skills to the test. These guys are all about as tough, or tougher, than bosses from the third island of the base game. The bosses are all crazy, with multiple transformations that get increasingly wild. A lot of the time, there isn’t even really just a main boss. A lot of these boss fights are up against entire gangs or groups, with multiple members, all who do something completely different. And if it is just one guy, expect things to take a sharp turn for their final form. 

New Weapons & Ms. Chalice

The big shake ups are the new weapons, and charms, and the fully playable Ms. Chalice. The three new weapons you can buy at Porkrind’s shop are the Crackshot, the Convergence, and the Twist-Up. And they’re all good, but especially the Crackshot and the Convergence. The other big thing is the playable Ms. Chalice, who might be a little divisive. She automatically has an extra hit point, a double jump, a different dash powering hybrid, and a down plus dash that’s like a dodge roll. Seems like easy mode. Right? Yes, you get some advantages, but is it worth it to break your Cuphead habits, and relearn some things in a new way? That’s gonna be up to you. Also, she can’t use charms, like the Cupboys can. 


All in all, “The Delicious Last Course” gives you about four hours of content, depending on how good you are. There is also a secret boss. Keep that in mind. There’s some cool stuff to discover. And of course, if you’re trying to max out and get perfect runs, that’s a whole another amount of gameplay. You get beautiful bosses, amazing levels, change-ups to the animation style, new spins on the art style here and there, and some fresh, downright amazing music.  It’s still hard as hell. If you like a challenge, and you love well-crafted video games, if you appreciate this medium, then it’s a no brainer, it is completely worth every penny. 

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